With all of the craziness of wedding planning, your wedding signs are something that can be forgotten about. But, wedding signs are more important than you may think! They play a huge role in setting the vibe of your wedding day. They are also one of the first things that guests see & notice, and can make your guests feel much more welcome!

13 Wedding Signs to Consider Having at Your Wedding

Here are 13 wedding signs that we suggest having for your special day!

1. Welcome sign

Photography: Vicki Grafton Photography

As you can probably guess from the name, welcome signs welcome your guests to your wedding! While some people might think they’re unnecessary, there are a lot of guests who want to be reassured that they’re at the right place. Rather than having to track down a family member or your wedding planner, they will know that they’re in the right place when they see your welcome sign!

This is typically placed right at the entrance of your ceremony location. It typically includes the word “welcome,” your names, the wedding date, and sometimes the name of the venue.

2. Seating chart

Photography: Love to the Core Photography

A seating chart is pretty much a must have for your wedding reception! Without one, guests won’t know where to sit. If you leave it to be a free-for-all, you will end up having half-full tables, where people then have to potentially split up from their families to find a seat.

We promise that a seating chart will save you (and your guests) a lot of stress!

3. Table numbers

Photography: Chesapeake Charm Photography

Going along with a seating chart, you’ll want to have table numbers at each table to indicate which table guests should be sitting at. Be sure that they are visible and not covered by the centerpiece!

4. Bar signage

Photography: Jeff Frandsen

If you’re having an open bar or a cash bar, bar signage is a must! You’ll want your guests to know what type of alcohol is being served (ex: wine, beer, liquor). If you’re having signature drinks, bar signage is your chance to tell everyone the name of the drink along with the ingredients!

5. Dessert flavors

Whether you’re having cake, cupcakes, ice cream, or something else… everyone will appreciate if you tell them what flavors you’re offering!

6. Personal verses or sayings

Photography: Magnolia Street Photography

Throughout the ceremony and reception spaces, you may want to have some signs that include your favorite Bible verses or favorite love quotes.

7. Unplugged ceremony

Are you wanting to have an unplugged ceremony? Although you may have stated this on your wedding website, some people may have forgot or didn’t even see it in the first place. Here are some wording ideas for you:

  • “Welcome to our unplugged ceremony. Please turn off all cell phones, cameras, and any other devices and enjoy this special moment with us. Thank you!”
  • “Welcome to our unplugged ceremony. We invite you to be fully present during our ceremony. Kindly turn off all cell phones & cameras and enjoy this moment with us. Thank you!” 
  • “We really want to see your faces, not your devices. Please put away your phones and cameras until after the ceremony. Plus, our photographer is pretty awesome and likes to share!”

8. Directions

Do you have a large venue? Having directions to direct people toward the ceremony, cocktail hour space, reception, and more will be extremely helpful! Although your wedding planner will likely direct people towards spaces, you just never know. Someone could arrive late or get lost!

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you might want to consider signage to direct people toward the restrooms, too.

9. Sanitization

Yes, COVID made sanitization signage and tables a thing! You can consider adding signage to any hand sanitizer stations or tables that have masks. This signage could also include any social distancing or mask protocol.

10. Gift/card table

Guests will want to know where to put any gifts or a card! Having signage directing them to the table will be a huge help.

11. Favors

You don’t want your guests to leave without your goodies! If they do, you’ll feel like you wasted money. Be sure to have a sign directing people to the favors. You can also put on the sign what exactly the favor is and if it has any sort of special meaning to you!

12. Wedding hashtag

Photography: Alysia & Jayson

The only way to get people to use your wedding hashtag is to tell them what it is! Have a sign with the Instagram logo indicating your wedding hashtag. It’s such a fun way to be able to see everyone’s photos from the night, especially if you’re having a large wedding!

13. Chairs

Photography: Lauren Fair

Don’t forget signs for the back of the newlyweds’ chairs! These could say “bride,” “groom,” “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” or just about anything that you want! This will not only indicate to guests not to sit there, but also makes for some super cute photos.

And there you have it! Our tip is to look into buying all of your signs as a set/bundle so that everything matches and stays cohesive. This could be through a website like Etsy, or through a local calligrapher! If you have any questions about wedding signage, reach out to us here. We would love to help you out!