It’s the final post in our engagement series! We have shown you our favorite engagement rings and how to pick the perfect ring, so now we are onto helpful proposal tips for those ladies and gentlemen about to get down on one knee.

Some things are best spur of the moment, but when it comes to proposing, more than likely your girl has dreamed of this day forever. Who will it be? Where will it be? Who will be there? Will someone capture it? A plan is good to have.



This is probably the biggest question of the entire proposal. This is not necessarily one of our proposal tips, but WHY are you proposing to your partner? Make sure your reasons are pure: you cannot imagine life without them, they complete you, they are your soulmate, and their ability to cook is an added bonus. *Insert any other reason you have to get down on one knee.


Obviously you and your significant other need to be there, but there may be other important people in your life that you (or they would) want to be involved.

Think about this: Is your significant other a social butterfly who would want to share in their excitement with friends and family immediately? Plan for their loved ones to be around the corner waiting to pop out of the bushes (okay, maybe a little more discreet than that, but you get the point). They could be at the restaurant you made reservations for “two” at.

Is your partner a little more laid back, low key and private? Make it very special and just about the two of you. You can take the time later in the night to call those closest to you to share in the good news.

One of our Bonus Proposal Tips: Hire a photographer (and maybe even a videographer) to capture it! The entire moment will fly by; we can promise you that. Both of you will likely forget what was said so why not be able to relive it down the road with your future kids and maybe even grandkids?


What things do you need to think about? This goes beyond the proposal tips mentioned in this blog. Other necessities include:

  1. Asking for permission. You may think this an old school way of thinking, but it is still very real and important to most. It doesn’t have to be their father, but an important role model in their life would feel honored to have been asked in advance.
  2. The ring! Reference our how to pick the perfect ring blog post from last week!
  3. Some sort of plan, big or small.


This is one of the most important proposal tips. The setting to this milestone in your life. Are there things you love to do together or places you like to go?

It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It could be something as simple as dinner time while you’re cooking your favorite home-cooked meal. If ordering out is your favorite thing to do together, plan ahead and drop off a note (maybe a love letter, a favorite memory, or get to to the point with a “Will you marry me?” sign) for the restaurant to place inside the box. Even the smallest of details make a difference.

For those who love the saying “go big or go home,” you could take an already planned weekend away and make it extra special. If you don’t have a trip planned, plan it yourself! Pick somewhere you’ve been together and love, a place they haven’t been but you’ve always wanted to show them or even a place you’ve dreamed of going together but neither of you have ever been. NYC, Disney World, a cruise or island, a gondola ride in Italy’s waterways, a ski trip or road trip…the options are endless.


There are a few factors to consider when you think of when to finally ask the big question:

  1. When will the ring be ready? Rings can take several weeks to come in.
  2. What is your significant other’s favorite season? If it’s winter, maybe you can do it while you’re cutting down a christmas tree; spring, maybe outside in a garden; summer, maybe on the beach, boardwalk, boat, etc.; fall, maybe on a walk through the color-changing leaves.
  3. When would you want to get married and how long of an engagement? If you and your soon-to-be fiancé are thinking spring and you get to fall, you can propose and push for a spring wedding or you’ll have to wait a year and a half.


  1. Put together a speech, even if it’s not exactly how it comes out. Hint: it probably won’t come out as you planned.
  2. Know that you’ll be nervous no matter how confident you are that they are going to say yes.
  3. Get down on one knee (yes, you need to do this.)
  4. Present the ring.
  5. Say their full name right before the best line of the night “Will you marry me?”

Remember, getting down on one knee is very intimate and personal to everyone. The way you do it can differ between couples drastically, so don’t think each point in this blog is the end all, be all.

Finally, a note to the one reading these proposal tips hoping their significant other is about to pop the question: Be cooperative when your partner asks you to do something, even if you’re not up to it. Maybe they planned something more grand than they’re leading you on to believe on your hike or walk to take out the trash. If you don’t go, you might just end up throwing off their plan. Just keep an open mind and don’t spoil it, because let’s be honest, this could be the biggest plan they’ve ever put together.

We hope you found these proposal tips useful!

Best wishes & happy engagement season everyone!

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