Whether you are planning to have a destination wedding outside of the country or in a different part of the US, there is a lot that goes into the planning and execution of it! Here is our beginner’s guide to planning a destination wedding – these are the first things that you’ll want to think about before you really start planning!

Keep the guest list intimate

Something that surprises many couples who are planning a destination wedding is that the majority of invited guests will attend the wedding! Everyone loves an excuse to visit a new destination for a wedding. Because of this, limit your guest list as much as you can to prevent yourself from overspending. Start with your absolute closest friends and family, and work your way up from there!

Plan multiple events

For a destination wedding, you and your guests will likely be there for multiple days. Because of this, you’ll want to plan more events than just the ceremony and reception. This could include a welcome cocktail party, a farewell brunch, and more!

Besides the normal wedding events, you can also plan local activities that guests can choose to attend together. Or, they may choose to use that time to explore and relax on their own. Either way, having an option of a pre-planned activity from you is a nice gesture!

Have a wedding website

Wedding websites are used by most couples nowadays, but they are especially crucial for destination weddings! More events and activities go into a destination wedding, so a website is a good place to keep all of that information. Your invitation suite probably won’t have enough room to list all of the hotel options, activity dates/times, events, and things to do in the area. So, you can include a QR code or link on your invitations that will go directly to your website!

Hire a planner

Finally, while we of course think that hiring a planner is beneficial to every engaged couple, it is especially helpful for a destination wedding. There are so many logistics that go into a destination wedding, such as travel times and bookings, hotel room bookings, and more. Having an experienced wedding planner to help you with everything will save you a lot of time and stress!