Because we’re in the business of love, Valentine’s Day can get really exciting for us here at Moore & Co. We are smitten with the idea of a day where you can shower your honey with extra love; a day where you can show your better half just why they are so important to you. Yes, we definitely agree that you should make sure your sweetie feels loved every day of the year, but why not have a day where you can really lay it on thick? While some don’t like the idea of this red and pink filled holiday, we’re pretty confident that most couples would agree with us.

For the ladies who are rocking the single life, however, Valentine’s Day is anything but the romantic, long stemmed roses, box of chocolates day of love. Some call it Singles Awareness Day, others call it a Hallmark holiday. Lately, it’s been donned Galentine’s and as much as we love love, we can’t get enough of this trend! While couples are out grabbing a bite to eat at a swanky, candle-lit restaurant (or cooking in), women all over the place are getting together with their best girlfriends and celebrating each other – how awesome is that?! Whether it be splitting a bottle (or two) of wine and watching old classics like Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing, or treating themselves to a homemade dinner filled with all the best guilty pleasures, we are ecstatic about these Valentine’s Day girl’s nights.

While all of us here in the studio are in relationships and will be spending Valentine’s Day smooching and snuggling with our beau’s, we decided it would be fun to think of what we might do for our very own Galentine’s. First things first, our Galentine’s would have to include sweets, specifically Courtney’s funfetti cupcakes, as we are all a sucker for a good pastry. Red wine and champagne are a must, obviously, but we’ll have to make sure to whip up something non-alcoholic for our sweet mommy-to-be. And finally, what’s a Galentine’s without a good love story? The Notebook, anyone? Or maybe keep it light hearted with something like How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days? We want to hear what your idea of a great Valentine’s Day is. Whether you’re going to spend it with your main squeeze or a group of your best, fill us in! We’re dying to know! Whatever you decide to do on this upcoming February 14th, just remember one thing, let all you do be done in love.