As the weather finally starts getting cooler and the sun sets just a little bit earlier, it’s time to put out that fall decor! We love decorating for fall. There are just so many festive and adorable decor pieces out there this year! To help you narrow down your search, we’ve done a round-up of our favorite 2021 fall decor pieces for you.

2021 Fall Decor: Our Favorites

Here is a round-up of our favorite fall decor for 2021! There are so many festive items to choose from this year, it was hard to narrow it down. We broke it down in sections to make it easier for you!

Home Essentials

We’re starting off with some overall home essentials for fall decor! We can’t get enough.

Fall Plaid Throw Blanket

This Fall throw blanket from Kirkland’s is perfect decor, and looks great on a blanket ladder, like the one below!

Blanket Ladder

This blanket ladder from Kirkland’s is perfect to hold all of your fall or Halloween themed blankets.

Artificial Plant Arrangement

This golden plant arrangement will look beautiful next to some family photos, on a book shelf, or your dining room table! It’s perfect to add a pop of color.

Harvest Pom Garland

If you’re looking for some subtle Halloween decor to add to your house, then this pom garland is perfect! It will look perfect across your fireplace mantle or a doorway.

Corn Husk Garland

If you’re looking for more a neutral/festive option, then there is this corn husk garland from Joann’s. It would pair perfectly with a home welcome sign at your front porch!

Straw Bale

What says “hello, fall” better than a hay bale? This straw bale from Michael’s is an affordable, faux option that you can break out year after year! Perfect for the front porch.

Orange Table Runner

If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your dining table with a table runner, then this one from Target is perfect!

Neutral Table Runner

Are you more into neutral decor? No worries, we also found this neutral table runner from Target that would be perfect.


You can never have enough throw pillows, right? Whether you’re looking for pillows for your couch, bed, or front porch, there are so many cute options out there this year!

Neutral Pumpkin Throw Pillow

We love how subtle this pumpkin throw pillow is — it’s perfect for keeping your decor neutral! It will also look super cute when paired with yellow or orange pillows.

Grateful Throw Pillow

How cute is this Grateful throw pillow?! It is great for the fall months, but especially as we get closer to Thanksgiving. It comes in gold, neutral, and orange, so there’s definitely an option that will match the rest of your fall decor.

Cable Knit Throw Pillow

We LOVE how cozy this pillow looks! It would look perfect on your bed or on a bench. It comes in a variety of colors, so there is something for any color palette!


Nothing welcomes guests to your home better than a wreath. Here are some festive options that we love!

Autumn Wreath

This Autumn wreath from Joann’s is gorgeous, and you really can’t beat the price! It is perfect for your front door, or even an empty wall in your home.

Golden Magnolia Wreath

This golden magnolia wreath is just what you need to add some Autumn color to your home. It would look so beautiful with some string lights twirled into it!

Corn & Wheat Wreath

We think that this wreath is so unique and will look stunning on your front door to welcome fall!

Autumn Bloom Wreath

This Autumn bloom wreath is full of everything that you love about fall — mums, ranunculus, leaves, and berries!

Pumpkins Galore

We, of course, had to dedicate an entire section of this round-up to pumpkins. They are essential to your fall decor!

Woven Neutral Pumpkin

We know that all of you neutral decor lovers will love this pumpkin! It is the perfect minimalist approach to adding some fall decor to your home.

White & Gold Stacked Pumpkins

These pumpkins are also perfect for those of you who love the neutral decor! They pair perfectly with some gourds and DIY floral arrangements on the entryway table.

Mini Velvet Pumpkins

These mini velvet pumpkins are so cute and are a great way to add a pop of color to your home. They can be put on your kitchen windowsill, dining table, or mantle!

Neutral Ceramic Pumpkins

Neutral pumpkins must be all the rage this year, but we aren’t complaining! We think that they are so pretty and are the perfect way to decorate your home without ruining your pre-existing decor. These ceramic pumpkins are absolutely adorable!

Sherpa Pumpkins

These sherpa pumpkins are a great way to add some cozy decor to your home for the fall months.

Dollar Tree — Don’t Discredit It!

You would be surprised at what you can find at Dollar Tree when it comes to Fall decor! Some of it is perfect on its own, and some of it can be spruced up and DIY’d to your liking. The best part, of course, is that it’s all only $1!

Gold Wire Basket

These gold wire baskets are great to hold some of your fall decor, like mini pumpkins! They can be great to store other items in your house all year round, too.

Mini Velvet Pumpkins

These mini velvet pumpkins are a super affordable way to add a pop of color to your decor!

Plaid Pumpkins

These plaid pumpkins are perfect for those of you who love farmhouse decor! They look phenomenal when paired with other fall decor, too.

Harvest Tin Pails

These round tin pails are gorgeous — it’s hard to believe that they’re from the Dollar Tree! They are perfect for displaying your fall flowers (real or artificial) or other small items.