Wedding stress is no joke — especially when you’re planning your wedding during a pandemic. Today, we’re going to go through all of the ways to relieve wedding stress! We have tips for the entire wedding planning process, as well as the actual day of the wedding. Time to say goodbye to all of your wedding stress!

Tips for Relieving Your Wedding Stress

Without further ado, here are our tips for relieving your wedding stress.

Ask for help

One of the best ways to relieve some wedding day stress is to ask for help. This could be members of your wedding party, your parents, your siblings, or your soon-to-be in-law’s. Whoever you ask, they will most likely be more than happy to help!

This could include going to appointments with you, helping you address wedding invitations, having a family member get ordained to be your officiant, and so much more. And if someone is offering to help with something… take them up on it! We promise that it will relieve so much of your stress.

Keep the wedding morning stress-free

We highly recommend keeping the schedule on the morning of your wedding day as clear as possible! If at all possible, sleep in — you’re going to have a long day ahead of you! Don’t try to fill your morning with going out to eat or a yoga session. It will just stress you out even more having to run around to a bunch of different places.

Instead, keep your wedding morning as a time to hang out with your bridal party, get your hair and makeup done, and just relax! The rest of the wedding day is going to be busy. Take the morning to relax!

Have alone time with your spouse

To relieve some wedding day stress, we highly suggest finding some time during your wedding day to have a little bit of alone time with your new spouse! This could be grabbing a drink or appetizers together before you head into the reception, or sneaking outside in the middle of the reception to have a dance with no one else watching.

Couples who do this tend to be so much less stressed throughout the night!

Focus on the fun stuff

If wedding planning in general is stressing you out to the max… take some time to focus on the fun stuff! This is going to look different for each bride. It could include planning your bachelorette party, going to a hair/makeup trial, going to your menu tasting, or buying honeymoon outfits.

The possibilities are endless, but there are so many fun things that you can do throughout wedding planning to break up the stress a little bit!

Remember to breathe

This tip may seem obvious, but so many brides and grooms forget to do this when they’re stressed out. Taking a moment to breathe — both during wedding planning and on the wedding day — can help so much.

Check off your final to-do’s

To make sure that you’re less stressed leading up to the wedding, make sure that you check off all of those last-minute to-do’s as early as possible. This includes making final payments, going to your final dress fitting, finalizing your seating chart, and more.

It will make you feel so much better once these things are done!

Assign someone to wrangle people for photos

It can be stressful on the day of the wedding to try and wrangle everyone for photos. This isn’t something that the bride or groom should have to do, though! Assign someone to gather everyone for photos — both family members and your bridal party. Make sure that it is someone who isn’t shy and knows everyone that needs to be gathered.

Stay with your spouse throughout the wedding

This is something that a lot of couples don’t think of, but something that we think is super important. Stay with your spouse throughout the reception as much as you possibly can. This isn’t a cocktail hour where you’re trying to mingle with as many people as you possibly can… it’s your wedding day!

Besides, if you spend too much time apart throughout your wedding, then you’ll risk having two completely different memories of it. You definitely don’t want that to happen! Plus, people are typically less stressed out when they spend more time with their spouse.

Take a social media detox

While wedding Facebook groups and Pinterest boards can be exciting, they can also be overwhelming. It can also make you start to feel down about your own wedding and how your planning is coming along. If you’re starting to feel this way, that’s okay! You can take a wedding social media detox. Leave the wedding groups or mute them until you’re feeling better about it, and stay off of Pinterest.

Remember how far you’ve come

Any time that you’re feeling stressed about how much you still need to do for the wedding… think about how far you’ve come! Think about everything that you’ve booked so far and how much planning that you’ve already gotten done. It will definitely help you feel like it’s possible to get everything done!

Hire a month-of coordinator

Finally, our final (and most important) tip is to hire a month-of coordinator. If you aren’t going to hire a full-on wedding planner, then we highly suggest hiring a month-of coordinator! We will be in charge of executing everything on the wedding day, we’ll coordinate vendors for you leading up to the wedding, and so much more.

If you’re getting married in the greater Baltimore area and looking for a month-of coordinator, please reach out to us! We are more than happy to help!


Most of all, remember to have fun! This goes for wedding planning and the day of the wedding. It’s easier said than done, we know, but it’s crucial.

Remember why you’re doing all of this. You’re getting married to the love of your life, surrounded by all of your family and friends! This is definitely something worth celebrating.

Featured Image Photos by Lauren Nievod Photography