Were you recently invited to a wedding? Maybe you’re just looking to brush up on some etiquette as a wedding guest or maybe this is the first wedding that you will ever be attending! Whatever the case may be, it can always be great to get some tips on how to be a great wedding guest.

Wedding Guest Etiquette Tips

Here are some of our etiquette tips for wedding guests! Keep in mind that these are just some general rules – some of them may not apply to certain situations. They are just a good general rule of thumb to follow, especially if you have never been to a wedding before!

Don’t ask for a plus-one or bring extra guests

When you receive your invitation, it will have specific names or the number of guests that are invited. As hard as it might be, don’t ask for a plus-one if you weren’t given one. There are many reasons why you might not have been given a plus-one, such as budget restrictions or the venue’s size.

Also, if your children were not on the invitation or it specifically says that no kids are invited, don’t bring them! Get a babysitter and use the wedding as a date night/adult’s night out. If you are unable to find childcare, then you may have to politely decline the invitation.

Silence your phone during the ceremony

Even if there is not a “no phones” sign at the ceremony, it is always respectful to keep your phone on silence during it. It’s also polite to keep your phone away during the ceremony.

The reason for this? The couple hired a photographer for a reason and phones out during the ceremony can really take away from the photo. And, you don’t want to be the reason that a phone is going off in the middle of the couple saying their vows!

Send your RSVP in on time

There is nothing worse for a couple than having to reach out to everyone who didn’t RSVP to the wedding by the deadline. Send your RSVP in so that it will arrive by the deadline. This is super easy if they are taking RSVPs through their wedding website!

Don’t no-show

If you RSVP that you are coming to a wedding, do not no-show. If something comes up that means you are no longer able to attend, tell the couple or someone in the wedding party/family. Weddings cost a lot of money per person so it’s always polite to tell the couple if you are no longer able to make it!

Give a gift from the registry

Couples typically take a lot of time putting together their registry. By gifting them something off of it, you will be 100% sure that it is something that they truly want and/or need!

Arrive on time

Keep in mind that the time on the invitation is most likely the time that the ceremony starts, so plan to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early!

Don’t wear white

While wedding guest attire etiquette has definitely evolved over the years, it is still considered rude for a female guest to wear white to a wedding. If you are questioning whether or not your outfit has too much white, then it’s better to err on the side of caution and wear something different!

Of course, this does not apply if the invitation specifically tells you to wear white.

Share dietary restrictions when you RSVP

Be sure to write any dietary restrictions that you have when you RSVP to the wedding. The couple will need to tell the caterer dietary restrictions in advance of the wedding – don’t wait until the last minute!

Look at the wedding website

If a couple has sent a link or QR code to a wedding website, make sure to take a look at it! There can be some very important and helpful info on there – a specific schedule for the day/weekend, a link to the registry, a dress code, hotels to stay at, a place to RSVP, and more!

Listen to the seating chart

Finally, please listen to the seating chart. If there is a seating chart sign or name cards on the table – please sit where it asks you to and do not move your seat or switch with other people! Seating charts take a long time to make and there are certain reasons why people are seated where they are. After dinner, there will be plenty of time to move around while you’re dancing and mingling with people!