The first thing that you’ll get asked by everyone when you get engaged is, “When’s the wedding?” It can be overwhelming! But, when it comes down to it, your wedding date will pretty much be the first thing that you figure out before wedding planning. Here are all of our tips for figuring it out!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Date

Here are some important things to think about when you’re choosing a wedding date!

Are there any significant dates?

First, think about if there are any significant dates to you and your partner that you might want to use for your wedding date. This could be your dating anniversary, an anniversary date of loved ones, or a special holiday that means a lot to you as a couple.

If you have a significant date that you know you want to get married on, keep in mind that you may have to have a longer engagement! If you have a dream venue, they might be booked on the specific date that you want, so may have to push it out a year later than you wanted to.

Time of year

We really suggest thinking of a time of year that you want to get married in, rather than a specific date. This is because of what we mentioned above — venues book up far in advance, and if you’re set on a specific date, then you may have trouble finding a venue.

Think about the season that you want to get married in — winter, spring, summer, or fall — and go from there! It will be much easier to choose a wedding date at your chosen venue if you’re a little bit flexible.


If you’re on a tight budget, then you may want to avoid peak seasons and days that tend to be pricier. There is going to be more competition surrounding peak dates, which usually means higher prices.

The most popular time of the year to get married is typically May through October. And of course, Saturdays are the most popular days to get married. You may find discounts on a Friday or Sunday wedding, although those are becoming increasingly popular, too! A weekday wedding is probably the most budget-conscious way to go — most vendors will be wide open on weekdays.

How long do you want your engagement to be?

Consider how long you want your engagement to be. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to this.

If you really want to take time planning your dream day, then you may want to consider having your engagement be at least a year long. The average engagement is actually about 15 months!

Think about it this way — most venues book up at least a year in advance. Wedding dresses can take around 9 or months to come in once they’re ordered, then you have to think about alterations. The entire wedding planning process usually takes about a year (but you will be amazed at how fast it all goes by)!

On the other hand, maybe you don’t want a traditional wedding. You don’t want the stress of it all and you’re flexible on vendors and attire. If that’s the case, then plan a smaller, more intimate wedding for a few months from now! It can definitely be done with the right work (hint hint: a planner can be a huge help with this)!

Do you have a dream venue?

If you have a dream venue, then we suggest being flexible with your wedding date. See what dates they have available during the general time of year that you want to get married it, and narrow it down from there. It actually can be a lot easier this way!

If you need assistance with choosing a wedding date and just feel lost, we can help you out! Contact us here with any questions and to schedule a free consultation with us.