When it comes to packing for your wedding, it can be quite a hassle to think of everything you might need to make it through the big day, especially when the only thing on your mind is getting married. As I’ve begun to pack for my own wedding, I’ve found myself wondering “what if?” a lot. What if my shoes hurt? What if it’s humid and I get a migraine? What if I want to change post-wedding? Normally, I’d tell myself I’m worrying too much, but on my wedding day, I want to make sure I’ve thought of everything. Even after years of packing suitcases – for visits home during college, flying to see my fiancé in Florida, going on vacation, and moving three times – I still have not reached the pro-packer status. So, in an effort to make this week as stress-free as possible, I’ve scoured the web for the best packing tricks I could find and added a few of my own expert tips (let’s be honest…when you’ve packed a suitcase so many times, you do learn a few things). Let’s just hope I can heed my own advice.

Make a Master List

In my experience, this is quite possibly one of the best things I’ve picked up. I started my wedding master list a few weeks ago, but I am referencing it like crazy now. I type my list and save it to my computer so that I can access it quickly and add or cross things off as needed (not to mention, when my sister gets married, she’ll have a pretty good starting point for her list saved on my trusty MAC). Think of this list like our wedding timelines at Moore and Co; this list is my Bible – not only does it include everything I need to pack, it also includes my last minute to-dos, which include everything from “get a manicure” to “schedule shuttle times” to “eat dinner” (okay, not really, but we do have dinner plans this week so I needed to make sure to remember them!). Like I said, master list.

Organization is Key

If I’m being honest, this could actually be my personal slogan. It’s so true! Not only is organization clutch in your day-to-day (trust me, being organized makes for a much happier life), but when it comes to your wedding packing, it’s so necessary. If you’re like me, you probably have one or two (read: ten) of those handy cloth carry-all bags hanging around that are too small to use as a purse, but too big for change. Maybe you saw a few and “had to have them” for all of your odds and ends (hey, they were on sale!) or got a couple as part of a gift. Either way, they are the perfect arsenals for your wedding day necessities. Use one to hold all your medical supplies (think pain reliever, band aids, eye drops, you name it) and another for your beauty essentials (chapstick, Q-Tips, and contacts are a few going in my bag). Use one to hold your shower gear, like travel shampoos and conditioners (because what hotel actually stocks your go-to product?!) and another as your emergency kit (needle and thread for a sneaky snag, a mini lint brush to do away with Fido’s fur [hey, he’s your ring bearer and can’t help his shedding], and breath mints for the perfect kiss).


Think Like a Bride

Picture this: you’ve spent the ceremony outside in 90 degree weather and, forget the heat, your nerves are enough to make you warmer than usual. By the time the reception rolls around, you’ve been on your feet for hours and your dress is getting heavier by the minute. The extra bobby pins your hair dresser insisted on using in your up-do are giving you a headache and your mascara is long past it’s wearing point. Of course I’m speaking in extremes here, but my advice to you as you pack for the big day is to think like a bride. Walk yourself through your entire day. Are your feet going to swell in the heat or get tired in your heels? If so, make sure to have a back up pair of flats near by, like these stunners we found.


If you are having an outdoor ceremony and your hair frizzes easily, make sure your maid of honor has some hairspray and pins for you in her clutch. And don’t forget about that night – you’ll need all the essentials required for an overnight stay if you’re headed to a hotel post-wedding. These are all minor things and are easily fixed, but no bride wants to think about it on the day of. Prepping yourself ahead of time will make the day that much smoother for you.

The Forget-Me-Nots

Let’s be real – there are a few things that might make or break the wedding if you forgot them at home. For example, your wedding dress or the groom’s tux, the DIY decorations, or the marriage license. In order to avoid forgetting these crucial items, make a list and check it twice. My list will be going on the adorable notepad I showed you last Friday! If possible, put some of these necessities in the car you’ll be driving to the venue (but make sure to take them out if that plan changes!) or leave them by the door you’ll exit your house through. My go-to plan is to leave a list of my must-haves attached to my keys. I can’t get anywhere without my keys, so I’ll be forced to look at the list just as I walk out the door. This trick can save you a lot of hassle, especially when you get to your destination venue and realize your dress is hanging on the back of your closet door.

Alright, so maybe I do know a few things about packing. The week before your wedding is one filled with joy, excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and stress. The goal is to make your joy and excitement tip the scale and keep the stress level really low. Knowing how to pack and doing it with a plan in mind will keep you right where you’re supposed to be this week – pumped for the big day!