While sometimes we like to think so, one thing is for sure – we’re not professional wedding photographers. Although we try to make things look uber pretty with our iPhone cameras and ometimes we do a pretty good job! It’s usually a good idea to leave the really important shots to those who know the difference between Canon and Nikon. Most photographers sit down with our couples a week or so before the wedding in order to come up with their “must have wedding photos” shot list.

Even with epic preparedness, some couples forget to mention a few key pictures. We’re talking photos these brides and grooms have had pinned to their Pinterest boards for over a year. In those last moments leading up to the wedding, it’s easy to forget. But hopefully this post will remind you of those must have wedding photos!


Generational Wedding Photo

If you are blessed enough to have your grandparents watch you walk down the aisle, we highly recommend getting the generational photo. Whether it be a picture of bride, mom, and grandmother or groom, dad, and grandfather, there’s something to be said for this iconic shot. In the hustle and bustle of the wedding day, it’s easy to forget about your grandparents. But we promise you will cherish a generational photo for years to come.

Stationery Photo

While it may be the last thing on your mind, pack into your bag a crisp, clean set of your wedding stationery. From your save the dates to your invitations, menus to programs, your photographer is going to want to snap a few shots. Preserving the memory is a great way to remember your big day (especially if you’re destined to lose the hard copies)!

wedding stationary photo

DaniLeigh Photography

Daddy Daughter First Look Photo

As you now know, we are huge advocates of the bride and groom first look (see our post here!). We also LOVE seeing the daddy daughter first look captured on camera! There’s something to be said about a dad’s reaction to his little girl all dolled up. With the right photographer, those pictures will absolutely be cherished.

daddy daughter first look photo

Caitlin’s Living Photography

A Stunning Portrait of the Bride

You’ve spent months, if not years, waiting for your wedding day. Your gown and accessories have been carefully selected. Your hair and make up are done just right. The time to capture a beautiful photo is now. Have your photograher carve out a little time in your schedule for portraits of you and your groom individually. They may feel a little awkward in the moment (unless you love having your photo taken), but the end results are insanely satisfying.

solo bride wedding photo

DaniLeigh Photography

A Photo of Your Furry Friend

If you’re incorporating your fur-baby into your wedding, this HAS to be on your list of must have wedding photos! Snapping a shot of your pup before his ring bearer duties is crucial. How often do you get an adorable professional picture of your little one?! Because let’s be real: your phone camera is maxed out with his non-professional, but just as cute, shots.

pet wedding photo

Bow Tie Photo

A Ring Shot

There are so many beautiful traditions and beliefs behind the wedding rings. They symbolize your commitment to one another. They are also a representation of you as a couple. Don’t forget to part with your shiny beauties for a few minutes, so the photographer can get a picture of them up close and sparkly!

wedding ring photo

Alysia & Jayson Photography