Linens, oh how I love thee! What you might not know about linens is how much they can change the look and feel of a room. Adding a little glitz, glam, pattern or texture will take an ordinary table and make it extraordinary.

Take a look for yourself. Go to your Pinterest page and really take a good look at all your wedding pins. Check out which kinds of fabrics you find under the china, flowers, candles and glassware. Even if you don’t notice it immediately, a little variation from the standard polyester linen is probably there. Upgrading your standard linen is one of the smallest “bangs for your buck” when it comes to designing your wedding or event.



It’s commonly known that linens can come in all sorts of colors, but did you know you can have custom colors and dyes created? Some of our custom linen companies will actually take a swatch from us and dye the fabric to precisely match the color. Incredible, right?

Don’t be afraid to mix colors. Maybe do a slight color variation by making your guest tables fade from a blush to ivory or slate blue to light grey. Especially if you’re planning something like a birthday party; have fun and be bold!


No, we are not just talking about animal print or floral patterns. There is a whole array of options available to spice up a space! With the popularity rise of marble, you can even find marbleized linens today!

Photo by Alysia & Jayson Photography

linensPhoto courtesy of Pinterest


There’s nothing like a good textured linen. Honestly, something as simple as velvet will get your guests talking. There are also petal linens that look stunning when they move with a slight breeze. Make your wedding sparkle with a little sequin! You can certainly go crazy mixing textures, if you perfect the subtle touches. Pick a few tables, like the sweetheart, welcome, gift and cocktail tables to add a little jazz to your wedding.

linensPhoto by Alysia & Jayson Photography

linensPhoto by Luke & Cat featuring a velvet linen!


The size of linen matters! We are very strong believers (read: must) in having your linen touch the ground at your wedding. There are occasions, like birthday parties, where we might not feel as strong about the length of a linen, but when it comes to a very special day in your life, make it worth it! Here’s a size chart to help you figure out exactly what you need for your next event!

  • Cocktail table: 120″ round linen
  • Cocktail table with sash: 132″ round linen + a sash
  • 36″ or 48″ round table: 108″ round linen
  • 5′ (60″) round: 120″ round linen
  • 6′ (72″) round: 132″ round linen
  • 6′ banquet table: 90×132″ linen
  • 8′ banquet table: 90×156″ linen
  • 8’x40″ wide banquet table: 108×156″ linen

Don’t forget: From textures to patterns and colors, you can really spice up your event with a simple swap of a linen. Check out how we’ve used linens in the past right here!

linensPhoto courtesy of Pinterest