With the summer solstice coming and going, we can’t help but picture ourselves sprawling out a blanket on the beach or hopping on a boat and jet setting across the ocean! With all this talk of vacations around the studio, we thought it would be fun to dive into honeymoon tips. The honeymoon is a longstanding tradition of taking time after your wedding to tune out the world. It’s an opportunity to spend quality time with your new partner-in-life.

As planners, we think it is extremely important to plan something for after the wedding. It could be a quick “mini-moon” weekend away or a full blown two-week adventure across the world. We know that this isn’t always easy, especially after dishing out thousands of dollars for the wedding day itself. Here are some budget-friendly honeymoon tips to plan your dream getaway with your freshly ringed up significant other!


Whether you’re leaving right after the wedding or waiting – everyone needs to start somewhere. There’s no one better to talk to than a trusted travel agent. Travel agents know the best places to go during different times of the year. Plus, they will work hard to get you in your desired budget.

This is one time you get the chance to sit down and talk to an actual person (versus your computer screen). You get to tell them your wants and wishes for the trip, and what kinds of excursions and experiences you’re looking to have. Your agent will help you narrow down your list based on the best places to travel considering time of year, length of stay, and cost. He or she will also book your transportation to your destination, from the airport to the hotel and back home. They will even get all of your travel documents together! That’s one less thing you have to worry about before you take off. You’ll have enough to worry about between the wedding and having to pack for a honeymoon!

As an added bonus – think of your travel agent as an insurance plan. At least that’s how we think of our very own Kelly Jara of Travelworks International.  She has helped some of our clients out of sticky situations. For instance, a couple got stuck in the islands due to a storm. Kelly actually flew them into New York (instead of Baltimore, where we are based). She rented them a car, too, to be sure they got home for work the following day. Kelly has also handled a wonky car rental issue for my business partner while in Italy.

honeymoon tips


This decision is totally up to you and your partner! Experts have different opinions on the topic and there is great reasoning behind both sides of the argument. Here are some honeymoon tips pulled from Inspired by This:


Kristin Polhemus of Reverie Made recommends “having one ‘at home’ day between the wedding and honeymoon. It gives you time to say goodbye to your guests at a farewell brunch, open your gifts and deposit checks, and check your honeymoon suitcase one last time, now that you don’t have a brain full of wedding details. There’s something to be said of the excitement of the ‘just married’ honeymoon, and for that reason, I say don’t wait too long; go when the excitement is still fresh, but after a day at home to rest your head and dancing feet!”

Nicole Gillis of Nicole Alexandra Events says, “some couples choose to leave for their Honeymoon immediately following the wedding, however, I personally think it’s best to wait a month or two, even three! Belated honeymoons are a wonderful option and allow newlyweds to decompress and catch up on life after wedding. I would suggest taking two or three days off after the wedding, stay in a hotel or close to family and friends that are in town following your wedding. You will love having this time to reminisce about the fabulous wedding weekend you just experienced with the most special people in your life.

Once you are back home, you can tackle the wedding follow up items, like opening gifts, writing thank you’s, and preserving your dress. As you are getting back into your routine, you can beat the post-wedding blues by looking forward to your upcoming honeymoon! You and your new hubby will be will be refreshed and ready to spend some quality one-on-one time as newlyweds!”

Don’t Wait:

Emilia McCool of Sweet Emilia Jane recommends you don’t wait. “If your finances and schedule allow you to swing the honeymoon right after the wedding then go for it! There is something really special about cherishing those days or weeks after you’ve made vows to your beloved without worrying about going back to work or any other obligations. Take the time to discover what it feels like to be married in a totally romantic and relaxed setting. It will make the transition into your new partnership that much more amazing. And if you hold off you might never get the chance to take that time for just the two of you. Four and a half years later and I’m still waiting for my honeymoon!”

Janel Gonzalez of Janel Events says, “I think a honeymoon immediately after the wedding is always a good idea. The excitement continues so you don’t feel those post-wedding blues right away. It also gives you a chance to de-stress and re-connect as a couple from all the festivities spent with family & friends. Plus reliving the day over and over again is so much more fun on a white sandy beach with a cocktail in hand!”


Honeymoon Registry

Consider a honeymoon registry! It allows you to put specific “items” related to your honeymoon on a website that your guests can purchase for you. This is a great alternative to a lengthy wedding registry of household items.

Check Conversion Rates

Travel to a location where your dollar is worth more! 1 Thai Baht = 0.029 US Dollar and 1 Icelandic Króna = 0.0097 US Dollar. This is in comparison to 1 Euro = 1.12 US Dollar.

Go All-inclusive and Avoid the “Room With a View”

All-inclusive resorts are a go-to for Honeymooners because they have everything you need on-site (meals and drinks included). They even have experts on site to show you around and provide recommendations. Regardless of if you go all-inclusive or not, a budgeting tip is to book a room that is less expensive because the views aren’t as ideal as the more expensive rooms. Chances are: you won’t spent a lot of time in your room. You will spend more time out and about – exploring and relaxing!

Go During the Off-Peak Season

Here’s one of our honeymoon tips that most people don’t know about! Fly “off-peak” and take advantage of “shoulder seasons”. Honeymoon tips from The Knot suggest that if you’re traveling on a budget, to take advantage of honeymooning during shoulder seasons. Shoulder seasons fall right between the high-price and low-price time of the year. Demand isn’t as high but the weather isn’t undesirable! Getting flights off-peak means picking departure times that typically fall on a weekday. It also means avoiding times where people are traveling for business purposes.

Make Your Lists

You want to be prepared as far in advance as you can, especially because you’ll be in full wedding brain mode. This may be true even after the day has passed. Do your research about your destination and convert your money if you’re traveling out of the country. Also, let your credit card companies and bank know the dates and locations of your travel and create a packing list. Pack smart! Consider what the weather is typically like during the time of year you’re traveling and only bring what you need. Look at the day and night temperatures as they could vary drastically! Get everything ready before the wedding day so all you’ll have to do is grab and go!

The most important of our honeymoon tips: ENJOY IT! It’s a time to get away with your new spouse and soak in every moment of this next chapter of your life. A honeymoon is a great way to begin it!

honeymoon tips