Are you panicking trying to think of holiday table decor ideas? Look no further! We have scoured the world wide web and our creative minds for some of our favorite items that are easy enough to pull off in less than 24 hours.


Table Runner

It’s easy to add a pop of color to your holiday table decor by adding some fabric. You can pick up a cute runner at Target, Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel OR you can do what we did and buy a few yards of buffalo plaid from JoAnn’s and create your own! We also love this idea of using a vintage blanket pictured here:

holiday table decorPhoto courtesy of City Farmhouse

Candle Light

Yes, you can go out and purchase any candle in the store; however, if you have clear glass laying around, change them up a little. Add a little glitter to the rim or make them snowy like we did here for a corporate holiday party we designed just a few weeks ago! *Bonus: A little “How-to” tutorial on this holiday table decor below!

holiday table decor

Photo courtesy of Moore & Co. Event Stylists.


Glass votive, Mod Podge, Brush, Epsom Salt


Place Epsom Salt onto a plate. Set aside. Apply a generous amount of Mod Podge with brush onto clear glass votive. Be sure to cover glass completely. While the Mod Podge is still wet, roll the glass votive into the Epsom Salt. Be sure all the surface area is covered. Set aside and dry over night.


There are so many ways you can add some fresh cut greenery to your holiday table decor, and we’re talking about any greenery you can find in your back yard. Use it as a runner and piece it together down the length of the table, cluster it together around a candle or even put some in a clear cylinder and fill it with water. Any of these options can also be done with some Winterberry’s as well!

holiday table decorPhoto courtesy of 33 Shades of Green


Some of you may not know what a “charger” is. It’s simply a large decorative plate that goes under dinner or salad plates, and it’s just that: decoration. It adds so much to your table setting! You can purchase acrylic ones at many places like Target and Crate & Barrel, but you can also find them from Michael’s Craft Store. If you grab them on sale, they can be less than $1 each! We also like the idea of using something different like a tree trunk (cleaned, of course) or a marble slab. I know you’re probably thinking marble is expensive, but you can find a 1’x1′ square for a few bucks at Home Depot.

holiday table decorPhoto Courtesy of Jenny Collier

Personalized Name Cards

Add a special touch by personalizing each guests’ seat with their name, because everyone loves to see their name written out nicely – trust us! Something as simple as a sprig of rosemary turned wreath will WOW your friends and family.

holiday table decorPhoto courtesy of Spoon Fork Bacon

Takeaway: Think outside the box, because there are so many every day objects you can use to spice up a place where everyone gathers to enjoy a delicious meal! Most importantly, have fun with it!


Happy Holidays!

xo, The Ladies of M&C