Sometimes, a client will consider hiring a friend as one of their wedding vendors. Whether it be a DJ, baker, photographer, etc. While this can be a great idea, it can also go very wrong!

Should You Hire a Friend as a Wedding Vendor?

When it comes down to it, you have to consider many different things when deciding whether or not to hire a friend or family member as one of your wedding vendors. Here are some things that you will want to think about!

Are they a professional?

Does your friend do this for a living, or is it more of a hobby? Have they ever been a baker, photographer, etc. for a wedding? How long have they been doing it? Do they have reviews from clients?

Do you have a contract with them?

If they don’t do this full-time or professionally, then you may feel uncomfortable asking them for a contract. But without a contract, they can’t really be held accountable if anything goes wrong! A contract is very crucial for each of your wedding vendors – and they may even be required by your venue.

Do they have insurance?

At a minimum, each of your vendors should have liability insurance. This doesn’t just protect you – it can protect you, too! Again, many venues will require your vendors to have insurance.

How many weddings have they done?

We sort of covered this under “are they a professional?” But this is a very important aspect to consider! Do you want to be one of your friend’s first clients? Are you willing to risk your wedding day for that?

What happens if they mess up?

Your wedding day only happens once. If they mess up your cake, photos, etc… how will this affect you and your friendship? Would you be ready or willing to take them to court? Or to lose this friendship?

These are just a few things to consider when you’re thinking about hiring a friend or family member as one of your wedding vendors. If your friend is a professional in the wedding industry, then it can be a wonderful idea! However, if this is just something that they are just starting out in or dabble in as a hobby, then you really need to think about it.

And of course, if we are your wedding planner – reach out to us about it! We can help you vet all of your vendors to fit your dream wedding day.