From the morning bubbly to the final toast, from the first look to the first kiss, from the hand-written vows to the touching speeches, we wedding planners seriously cannot get enough of the little details. We’re not sure what moves us more – the look a groom gives his bride as she takes those first steps down the aisle, or the stolen kisses and glances had over dinner. We are left weak in the knees when we watch the bride search for her groom in the crowd, only to lock eyes and smile. Goosebumps are always a given.

As wedding season is officially underway for our Moore and Co team, we can’t help but look forward to all of the above. There are those moments, though, that always leave us wonderstruck and feeling giddy wedding after wedding.

Our Five Favorite Wedding Moments (if we have to pick just five):

One: The Moment the Bride Puts on Her Dress

For any married maiden, one of the most magical moments is when the dress goes on. She has spent weeks, if not months, picking out the perfect dress, having just the right amount of alterations, and picking the sweetest accessories to complete the look. Along with feeling amazing, the gown-moment is one of awe – it means the wedding of her dreams is finally here. She is about to walk down the aisle and join with her mate in front of her friends and family. We cannot get enough of this special moment because it carries so much weight. It makes everything so perfectly official. Not to mention, the look on a bride’s face when she puts on that gorgeous number is priceless. We’re talking teary-eyed, smiling-so-hard-it-hurts priceless.

Photo Credit: Photos by Carlotta

Photo Credit: Photos by Carlotta

Two: The Aisle Moment

We spend a lot of time with our couples throughout the design and planning process. Because of this, we feel super close to them – we mean it when we say they become a part of our Moore and Co family! Watching our bride take that first step down the aisle towards her groom is quite possibly one of the most exhilarating moments, filled with butterflies in our stomachs and tears in our eyes. Nothing beats sending a bride towards the love of her life, who is waiting with bated breath at the end of the aisle. Mixed up in this moment of emotion is the look that the groom gives his bride when he sees her for the first time. Even if a first look has been had, seeing your bride walk towards you is an overwhelming moment for all grooms and it sends us right back to that can’t-hold-it-together, wish-we’d-brought-more-tissues feeling.

Three: The Daddy Daughter Dance

If we’re being honest, any one of the specialty dances really tugs at our heart strings, but the daddy daughter dance is one that we never forget. Call us saps, but watching a grown man tear up over his daughter’s shoulder as she whispers, “Thank you, Daddy” in his ear is entirely too much for us to handle. Maybe it’s because we all have special relationships with our own fathers and these dances hit close to home, or maybe it is because the daddy daughter songs always seem to be filled with the most perfect lyrics, but whatever it is, we are always swooning over the first dance a father has with his newly married daughter. Oh and just for the record, the mother son dance is not tear-free, either. Sending her little boy off to be the man she raised -ahh, we can’t.

Orchard Cove Photography via Pinterest

Orchard Cove Photography via Pinterest

Four: A Killer Speech

Okay, we realize our first three favorite moments have been filled with teary, touching moments, and we’re not ashamed to say that a good speech makes us see hearts, too. That being said, we are suckers for a totally epic maid of honor or best man speech (you just get extra points if it warms our heart). The BM and the MOH are the two people who know the bride and groom best so it’s only fitting that they deliver an appropriate speech, filled with a few hilarious memories, a touch of embarrassment, and a lovely tribute to the friendship that has acquired over the years. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the bride blush and the groom break down and tell his best man how much he loves him after a well-thought out speech. So take note – a speech, no matter how funny or touching, is best when it’s well planned. Are you surprised? We are planners after all.

Five: The Grand Exit

Not every bride and groom wants an exit for the record books, so when we come across a couple who wants their exit to be as grand as their entrance, we can’t help but see stars. From a guest-lined walkway donned with sparklers to a helicopter exit that left us blown away (literally), our couples never cease to amaze us. Part of a grand exit that makes it one of our favorite wedding moments is the idea that the bride and groom are leaving, for the first time, as one. They are now joined in matrimony and can go out and conquer the world together. How lovely is that?! Oh and not to mention, the pictures are some the BEST from the entire night! Because we know couples want their wedding night to last forever, we are totally in love with the idea of staging a grand exit for pictures near the end of the night, but heading back in for more drinking and dancing to finish out the celebration!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Okay, there you have it. Our five favorite wedding moments. We could’ve gone on forever telling you what it is we love about weddings, but one thing is for sure, no matter how many weddings we plan, design, and attend, the absolute best moment in the world is when a bride or groom comes up to us and says, “Thank you. Everything was perfect.” Now that is a moment we simply can’t get enough of.