As so many of you were able to witness first hand on Saturday, the Be More Inspired Wedding Studio throws one heck of a party! We were able to celebrate so many wonderful engaged couples, as well as some of our favorite vendors we have the pleasure of working with! As a business partner in this studio, one of our main goals for Saturday was not only to plan a rockin’ shindig, but also to showcase the many talents of our partners in house – K&B Bridals, Blush Floral Designs, Behind the Veil, Faye Daniel Designs, and Travelworks International. Our work is out there for all to see, but our annual party allows couples to meet with us first hand and talk about the specific needs for their I Dos! This year, we decided to spice things up a bit and showcase a few of our favorite friendors, too, whose dedication and hard work was unparalleled in helping to make Saturday a success! Take a peek inside our studio to see how we brought together this year’s Bubbly Soiree – from designing, to planning, to two-hour turnarounds.

Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

As with all of our events, the Bubbly Soiree had to start with some serious planning. This meant bringing together all of our in-studio vendors (many, many times) to decide how we’d like to go about topping last years incredible affair. We began with a theme – this years inspiration came from Pantone’s TWO colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, capitalizing on the awesome fact that both colors play a role in all of our brands at the Be More Inspired Studio!


Showering You with Love

One of our favorite parts of the entire planning and design process was figuring out how to shower our couples with love. When we invite a bride or groom into our Be More Inspired family, we like to do so with something pretty and thoughtful. Who better to help us with this than our loves over at Marigold and Grey?!


Will You Be Our Partner in Crime?

Okay, well maybe not in crime, but in love! Next steps involved figuring out which friendors we wanted to ask to be a part of our event. This is a bigger decision than some might think. Not only did we have to find vendors who were willing to give up a Saturday night with family and friends (but c’mon, who wouldn’t want to be at the Bubbly Soiree?!), but more importantly, we also had to find teams whose brands we love; we needed vendors who we work with often and that we’d be proud to have in our studio as part of this event. Enter our amazing team (we’ll be sure to give them some extra love at the end of this post)!


Branding & Signage

All the pretty things! In keeping with our Pantone-inspired color palette, we needed to brand this event with touches of soft blue and rose. This included making signs for the event, invitations for engaged couples and vendors, and collecting logos, business cards, and promotional items from all of our creative partners.

The Nitty Gritty

Not all planning and design is rainbows and butterflies. A huge piece of the puzzle is making sure the event is going to flow just right, which means walk-through after walk-through. Even though we held the party in our everyday work space, we had to envision our studio with the guests in mind. Along with this, just like every wedding we plan, we created a timeline of events and giveaways so that everyone was on the same page (literally!). When it came time for the actual event, we only had a two-hour turnaround time to completely transform the space (don’t worry, we’ve done much larger in much less time!).

Speaking of giveaways, how cute is our Ultimate Wedding Giveaway winner?

Speaking of giveaways, how cute is our Ultimate Wedding Giveaway winner?

Fun Features

Two things that we were so excited about this year were the specials we secured for our guests at local area restaurants and bars and our check-in process. When our Bubbly Soiree was over, we didn’t want our couples and friendors to just go home. No way! We wanted them to enjoy the adorable town we call home. To do this, we spent hours on the phone and in person with local bars and restaurants who were willing to give our guests special food and drink prices post-party! We hope everyone was able to take advantage! Oh and for our epic check-in process, we had couples sign in on an iPad (so technologically advanced of us!) and click on a few “I need help with…” buttons. From there, all of the vendors at the event were given access to the information to make the process of connecting much more seamless! Technology for the win.


Friendor Love

A huge, ginormous, oversized, warm and gooey thank you to all of the vendors who made Saturday possible!

Preston’s Stationery

– Our go-to gals for all things pretty & paper, including all the stationery for our event, duh!


Marigold & Grey

– Not only did they provide the adorable treat boxes for our brides, their insanely good work provides us with happy hearts.



– The music that kept everyone dancing – we saw some sweet moves!



– Did you SEE that geode inspired cake? Our jaws are still on the floor!


Splotch & Line

– After you attempt to hand address 100+ invitations, call Splotch & Line for some crazy good, custom calligraphy!


27 Studios Event Lighting and Draping

– The dude with the drapes! We love working with this company for all our draping and lighting needs!


Alysia & Jayson Photography

– If you didn’t catch yourself behind their cameras, you likely engaged in great conversation with these sweet treats.


Behind the Veil Bridal Hair & Make Up

– These gals kept everyone looking glamorous with false eyelashes, make up, and hair how-tos!


Linen Hero

– And heroes they are. We can’t count the number of times we’ve called on these guys for our linen needs!

White Glove Rentals

– How else would you have rested your tired toes if it weren’t for the stunning rentals from this amazing friendor?


Laurrapin Caterers

– Oh, how we’re still dreaming of those delicious treats provided by one of our all-time faves. Is it weird that we keep staring at the pictures of the cheese spreads?


So there you have it. A behind the scenes look at our Be More Inspired Wedding Studio: Bubbly Soiree! We hope all that attended had an incredible time. We can’t wait for next year!