When it comes to wedding planning, most couples are new to the process. Even if it is a second wedding, chances are things have changed since the last time the bride or groom planned something this big. There are so many pieces of the puzzle; it’s easy for a new bride or groom to forget to do something. That’s where this post comes in. While it can’t cover everything, we’ve racked our brains and weighed in with the experts to come up with 10 regrets you’ll have on your wedding day (unless, of course, you heed this advice)!

1. Not hiring a quality videographer.

When my mom and dad got married 29 years ago, their idea of a videographer was having Uncle Stan tape the ceremony on his huge camcorder. The equipment was bulky, obtrusive, and not to mention, the “videographer” was far from a professional. A few years later, my parents accidentally recorded over their wedding video. Needless to say, they weren’t that heartbroken.

A videographer may seem like an unnecessary expense (you’ve got a great photog, who needs video?). On the flip side, the experience of watching your wedding day from an outsider’s perspective (over and over again!) is quite possibly one of the most magical moments of the entire process. Trust us when we say that this is something you definitely won’t regret. You’ll get to see those moments the photographer might have missed (think: mindlessly holding hands with your new hubby or you catching eyes with your soon-to-be-wife as she walks down the aisle). If you’re in the market, two of our faves are Steve from Birchfields and Ethan from Wise Films!

2. Not eating your dinner.

It sounds silly, but most brides and grooms never get a moment to sit down and actually eat the food they paid for. You spent hours pouring over their perfect wedding dinner menu, only to stand by and watch it get cold on your plates. Great caterers anticipate this and will box food for the bride and groom for a midnight snack, but we encourage you to sit down and actually enjoy your meal during dinner! Guests inevitably will want to say hi and take their picture with you, but let them do so while you sneak bites of that delicious mac and cheese or that tender filet! Caterers we know will make sure you’re fed are Laurrapin and Rouge!


3. Not cherishing your ceremony.

Unless we’re dealing with a traditional Catholic ceremony, most couples we work with are quick to say they want a “twenty minute ceremony…tops”. We totally get it – you want to fast forward through the formalities and get to the celebration! With that, don’t wish away your ceremony – you’ll regret it. While it is perfectly fine to have twenty minute nuptials, savor those moments with your bride or groom. Take the time to really revel in the vows you’re committing to one another, as those are the basis of your marriage together. And go ahead, hold that kiss a little longer than normal!

sunlit ceremony

4. Not getting prep pictures.

We’re not suggesting you have to have your photographer show up at 5am to start taking pictures the moment you open your eyes, but have him there to capture those last minute touches – reapplying your lipstick. adjusting your blush, and putting on your veil. These are moments you will cherish forever (not to mention, they make killer framed photos)!


5. Not hearing your DJ/Band play prior to your wedding.

Unless you’ve got a killer DJ who comes highly recommended from trusted sources, make sure you’ve heard him mix prior to your wedding. You won’t need a private showing (unless that’s what you prefer), rather, chances are he has YouTube videos of previous weddings he’s done or he’ll suggest watching him mix at a local bar or venue. In doing this, you can really make sure you jive with his style – his music, his MC skills, and his flow. For most, music is the backbone of the reception and will make or break the amount of fun your guests are having!

6. Similarly, not hiring a wedding DJ/Band.

Don’t let yourself regret this decision. We get it – your uncle is a ridiculously good DJ at the hottest night club in the city and he’s willing to essentially give his services to you for free. Super tempting, right?! Well, unless your uncle has performed at weddings in the past, chances are he may not be the right fit. Just because a DJ/Band can play good music doesn’t necessarily mean they will know how to rock your wedding. Weddings take a certain amount of finesse, preparation, and crowd “control”, so to speak. Wedding DJs/Bands know which songs to play to keep your guests dancing and which not to play to avoid offending your great grandma. Great DJs like Friendly Entertainment, Ridiculous Entertainment, and Jamology know how to keep the party going!


7. Not hiring professionals.

While we’re on the topic of your uncle’s DJ skills, let’s talk for a moment about “friendors”. Friendors is a term we use in two ways – to describe vendors who have become our friends (the good type of friendors) and to describe friends that offer to help at your wedding by providing the flowers, the entertainment, the cake, etc (the not so good type of friendors).

We’re not suggesting that every friendor we come across is a bad one. There are some great professionals we meet because the bride is related and asked said prof to help out. It’s networking at it’s finest! That being said, just because your cousin likes to garden doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a great fit to be your wedding florist.

Friendors often have the best intentions, but aren’t accustomed to producing an event as large as a wedding. Because of this, they may be less reliable, crack under pressure, or deliver a product you and your fiance aren’t happy with. Not to mention, if they are also a guest at the wedding, their priorities aren’t always in line. For the most part, stick to the pros. They do their jobs day in and day out and it will certainly be worth the extra cash to not have to stress on your big day.

8. Not spending the evening with your new hubby or wife.

Again, it sounds silly, but more often than not we see couples go their separate ways on their wedding night. Aunt Susie wants to talk to her dear nephew, while Cousin Donnie can’t wait to give the bride a hug. Inevitably, the bride and groom end up on opposite sides of the room, looking for an escape route. Make an effort to avoid this. Hold hands, don’t split up, and cherish the night with your significant other. It truly does go by in the blink of an eye.

9. Not taking a moment to see your reception space.

You’ve worked for months, if not years, on bringing together the details of your wedding day. Whether you worked with us or tackled it solo, you likely poured over linen choices, perfected the peonies in the centerpieces, labored over the custom menus, and mastered your DIY skills. Don’t you want to see it all come together? Before your guests enter the reception space and RUIN IT ALL (okay, we’re being dramatic), take ten minutes to get a sneak peak of your hard work in all it’s glory.


10. Not having a getaway car.

When all is said and done, you may spend thousands of dollars on this dream day. From the caterer to the florist to the band, you may feel the anxiety start to rise as the numbers do. With that, the last thing on your mind might be how you and your new spouse are going to leave the wedding reception.

A limo seems a bit much, you think, but you don’t want to ride the party bus back to your hotel, so you end up driving yourselves home in your car – a little anticlimactic, don’t you think? While we’re not saying you have to have a grand exit (though we do LOVE them so so much), have a means of transportation to your hotel/home that doesn’t require you driving. This is enough to make you feel special for a few more moments. It’s your day – you’re finally married – savor that just a little while longer as you snuggle up in the back of a town car!

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