We’ve told you why you should hire a wedding planner (see the post here!) and if you’ve been following our Vendor Spotlight Blogs, you’ve heard from a few experts why hiring one is important, too, but today we want to share with you when to hire a wedding planner, in case your wedding to-do timeline doesn’t have a specific time to do so.

when you should hire a wedding plannerFull Services

Whether you’re opting for a full planning and styling package (the whole kit and caboodle) or a lesser, full package option (think: full styling with partial planning), we recommend booking us at least a year in advance. We can absolutely handle a full planning and styling bride in a shorter amount of time (we’ve done it in 4 months!), but if you’re looking for the big shebang, a year is perfect. While it may sound torturous to have to wait so long after you get engaged to get married, just remember, the longer you’re engaged, the more time you (or whomever is footing the bill for the wedding) has to save. Not to mention, a shorter engagement means you’re less likely to get the vendors you prefer, even if we’re there to help work our magic. If you’re booking a year or more in advance, chances are we can hook you up with the best of the best and save you the most money, too! Full planning and styling includes everything from Pinterest to Pie, i.e. everything from inspiration to the last dance. We sit down with you to bring together all your ideas, create design boards and come up with a color scheme for your wedding. From there, we plan and maintain your budget, connect you with all of your vendors, and make sure all of the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted. We don’t miss a beat with a package like this, which explains why, by the end of it all, we’re more like family than just client and planner!

Month of Coordination

While the name may sound like a month gives you plenty of time to hire us and get started on wrapping the details of your big day, we suggest hiring us for month of services at least 6 months in advance (again, more time is always best!) Here’s why: no, we may not come into the game until 6-8 weeks before you say I Do, but our schedules fill up so quickly! Nothing kills us more than getting an eager and excited bride inquiring about month of services in June for her October wedding. Chances are, we’re already booked! Though it may not dawn on you to hire us for your month of coordination until you’re knee deep into the few months before your wedding, we encourage you to plan ahead, ask around, and find out if a month of coordinator is right for you. And, as always, our consultations are completely free and carry no obligation – we’d love to sit down with you to see if we’re the right fit for your nuptials!

At the end of the day, remember that is always better to be prepared (take it from us…prepared is our middle name). Even if it feels like you have tons of time, knowing your planner (and other vendors) are secured for your big day is bound to be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders, trust us!

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