From the moment you open your eyes on your big day, we planners are already hard at work to ensure everything runs smoothly and as expected. We like to think that we take the headache out of the day for the brides and grooms, but it’s still common for us to hear some couples say they don’t need to hire a planner. Let us assure you, hiring a planner not only ensures you don’t have to deal with the details on your big day, but also allows your parents, maid of honor, and bridal party to relax, as well! If it’s hard to believe, maybe a sample of our planner timeline can help you understand what we’re doing so you don’t have to!

6 to 7am:

While you’re (hopefully!) still catching some zzz’s, we are busy triple checking our cars to make sure we have every linen, every piece of decor, every Tide stick, and every speck of glitter necessary to bring your wedding to life.


At this point, you may be awake, but we’ve been at your venue for at least an hour to ensure all the rental companies have arrived or are on their way and know exactly where to go when they get there (and where to put everything!). If you’re on the premises getting primped, we’ve likely stopped by to calm any last minute nerves and to guarantee you’re eating a healthy breakfast!


If you’re the groom, you may be just waking up or getting in off the green. The photographer is likely arriving within the next hour or so, meaning we’re counting all of our ducks (i.e. the groomsmen) and ushering them to their “get ready spot”.


By now, the tables and chairs are in place, which means we can really get to work on your decor. Linens go down, chargers, china, flatware, and glassware are placed. Table numbers and their locations are checked and double checked so your guests can easily find their seats. If we’re lucky, we snag a granola bar in between set ups, but chances are, we aren’t eating until after dinner (which is okay by us – we’ve got work to do!)

2 to 3pm:

As the bride, you and your ‘maids might be primped and made up by now, but we will be sure to keep your makeup artists and hair stylists on schedule. If you’re headed to a first look, one of us is going to you and the other to your groom to make sure the moment goes off without a hitch!

3 to 3:30pm:

The florist has most likely already arrived, but finishing touches are happening now. We’re really putting our multi-tasking skills to use here, as we keep you, the couple, as our top priority, while extinguishing any fires (that you’ll never know about!) and answering last minute questions that most vendors seem to have around this time. If there is any decor left to be placed, we’re sure to do so now before you get a sneak peak of your reception!


The ceremony is about to start, but we’ve got to wrangle 8 groomsmen, 7 bridesmaids, 2 grandmas, 1 grandpa, 2 moms, 2 dads, 1 stepmom, 3 flower girls, 1 ring bearer, and 1 officiants and line them up for the big debut. While this part can get a little rowdy (everyone is so excited and no matter how much we insist, it’s difficult to contain it all!), we absolutely love this moment!


Cue the music! As you’re about to take those first steps down the aisle, we need to make sure your string quartet knows when to start playing Canon in D, that everyone has silenced their cell phones, and that no distractions present themselves to take away from this moment.


Whew! The ceremony is under way, but we’re not taking a break to cool our jets just yet. Most ceremonies are only 20-30 minutes, which gives us just enough time to make sure candles are lit in your cocktail space, bars are ready to go, and the caterer has those delicious bites and bits ready for your hungry guests!


Yay! You’re married! This is definitely one of the top 5 moments for all of our weddings, but we don’t have time to celebrate just yet. While ushering your guests into cocktail hour, we’re making sure you’re taken care of and are directed to the right spot for pictures. You’d be surprised how easy it is for a bride and groom to get swept away by their guests post-ceremony. Everyone wants to talk to you! If we don’t work our magic and move you from the ceremony to the first picture location, and quickly, the hour will slip by before you know it and the timeline will really be scrunched.


While one of us is with you, ensuring all of your must-have photos are taken, another of us is with your guests, directing them to the bathrooms, coat check, asking if they are enjoying themselves, etc. That planner is also prepping the reception space for dinner – lighting candles, straightening china, and of course, taking some killer shots for social media!


Your guests are seated and it’s time for you to be introduced as man and wife! Thankfully, we’ve prepared your order of introductions, along with name pronunciations, song choices, and directions for the bridal party long before your wedding day. Your DJ is also on board with us at this point, making sure he doesn’t butcher your new moniker!


Ah, the reception! As your guests are ohhing and aahing over all of your beautiful decor, we’re ensuring you are ready for your first dance, your speech givers aren’t tongue-tied, and that your photographer and videographer are there to capture every moment. This first hour is a lot about cueing, checking, and correcting to keep everything moving smoothly!


At this point, we and your other vendors have likely gotten a bite to eat (thank you!), but our jobs aren’t over yet. We’ve still got to cut the cake and set into motion any traditional wedding gigs (i.e. bouquet and garter toss).

9:00 to 11:oopm:

Given we’ve been on our feet since 6am, it’s now that our barking dogs are super grateful for a break in activity. We’re likely rehydrating as we make sure your guests are having a blast on the dance floor and that you don’t need anything. We’ve likely already stored away your gifts and cards for safekeeping and are keeping our eyes on the bridal party (not only should the couple be carefree, but the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents, as well!)

11:00pm to 1:00am:

You’ve left the party amidst a shower of sparklers and you and your new hubby are as happy as two little clams. Knowing this, we feel comfortable passing out your vendor tips and starting the deconstruction process. This part is usually faster than set up, but it takes coordination from a lot of people so everything goes quickly (and trust us, time is of the essence at 1am).

Okay, so there you have it. Did reading that exhaust you as much as it did us? But never fear, we do this because we absolutely love it. We’re organizational geeks, decor divas, and planning executioners. We love running the show and making sure you don’t have to think for a second on your big day! Let us be clear, we can’t do this on our own. No matter how epic our timeline, it’s with the help of some incredible vendors that our weddings go as well as they do. We like to think of ourselves as the ring leaders and, our vendors, the hardworking talent. You, the couple, are the guests of the show and deserve nothing but pure elation and enjoyment of your big day!