Choosing your wedding day getting ready location might be one of the last things on your to-do list. But, figuring out when and where you’re going to be the morning of your wedding really sets the tone for the day! It also affects your timeline for the day. Here are some tips for choosing a location!

Tips for Choosing a Getting Ready Location on Your Wedding Day

Here are some of our tips for choosing the perfect getting ready location for your wedding day!

1. Consider the location

One of the most important things to consider for where you’ll be getting ready is the location.

The most obvious space to consider would be your venue. Do they offer a bridal suite? Be sure to ask this at site visits if you haven’t booked a venue yet! Also, be sure to ask them if they have any time or capacity restrictions regarding the suite.

If your venue does offer a suite, then you are in luck! It will likely fit your vision and aesthetic, considering that your venue fits those.

If your venue does not offer a suite or space to get ready, then location will be one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a space. How close is it to your venue? While it may be worth it to drive a little farther out for an amazing getting ready space with photo opportunities, you don’t want it to be too far.

2. Think about your timeline

Going along with the last point, be sure to consider your timeline. Do you have enough space in your timeline to travel from your getting ready space to your ceremony venue? This is a huge piece to think about!

You will also want to think about how many will be getting beauty services.  You’ll want to build that into the timeline along with the distance to make sure you’re not getting up before the sun.

3. Are aesthetics important to you?

Would you rather just have a large, clean space to get ready in, or are the aesthetics important to you? If getting ready photos are important to you, then you should choose a getting ready location that fits your ideal aesthetic! You will see the space in your wedding photos forever, so make sure that you love it.

4. Does it have enough space?

Is the space large enough? Think about who will be joining you and how many of you will need to be getting hair/makeup done at the same time.

Also, consider the clutter! You don’t want it to be so cramped that everyone’s clutter is all over the place in photos. Make sure that there is a central location where everyone can keep their bags and miscellaneous items!

5. Are there enough outlets?

Make sure that the space has alllllll of the outlets! Keep in mind that you won’t just need them for phone chargers and music speakers. You also need enough for hair styling tools, so try to think about how many girls will be getting their hair done at the same time!

6. Is there a space for the groom + groomsmen to get ready?

You’ll also need to think about where the groom & groomsmen will be getting ready. Will it be in a separate room? Or an entirely separate location?

If you’re lucky, your venue might have a space for them to get ready, too!

7. Who do you want to join you?

We sort of mentioned this before, but you’ll want to think about how many people will be getting ready with you. This will affect how much space you’ll need and the number of outlets you’ll need! Will it just be you and your bridal party? Will moms be there? What about grandmothers?

8. Is there an outdoor space that you can use?

Many photographers like to get some photos outside during the getting ready period — is there an outdoor space that you can use? If there isn’t, think about whether or not that’s a dealbreaker for you!

Of course, this one will be dependent on your location and the weather.

9. Can you visualize getting ready there?

Finally, the most important factor to choosing your wedding day getting ready location is… can you picture yourself getting ready there on your wedding day? If the answer is no, then keep looking!

Figuring out your timeline for getting ready during your wedding day can be tricky. Did you know that a planner/coordinator will help you figure out your entire wedding day timeline… including getting ready?! This can be a huge relief for some couples. Contact us here if you’re looking to get assistance with your wedding day timeline!