Part of the fun of a wedding is indulging, just a bit, in a thing or two that you wouldn’t normally allow yourself. A big, fluffy dress, a dapper tuxedo, lush peonies on every table. While we are all for a wedding on a budget, there are a few add ons that we simply can’t get enough of that are sure to make your night one of the most memorable!

A Sports Car Getaway

Are you and your groom completely in love with the idea of a grand exit? We are, too! Now, imagine that exit as an opportunity for stellar photos and dropped jaws. We’re not talking about your standard town car to take you to your hotel, but rather a stunning sports car, one that you’d never own in a million years, but that can be rented for a few hours at a fraction of the cost. You’re guaranteed to feel like a rockstar, which if we’re honest, is exactly how you should feel on your big day!

Horse Drawn Carriage

What girl doesn’t want to feel like Cinderella on her wedding day? And what better way to do that than with an actual horse drawn carriage! Either as an entrance into your wedding ceremony or as a way to arrive at your reception, a horse drawn carriage is sure to make you feel super special on your big day.

An Ice Cream Truck

If there is one thing that sends anyone straight back to childhood, it’s the musical melody that the ice cream truck pumps from it’s speakers as it makes it’s neighborhood rounds. Now picture that joyous tune making an appearance near the end of your reception – guests have likely been drinking or are just looking for that late night treat and what better way to satisfy them than with a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles, a snow cone, or their favorite cartoon character’s head on a stick?! Okay, excuse us, we’ll be right back…just casually headed to the freezer…

Late Night Bites

If an ice cream truck doesn’t strike your fancy, consider hiring a food truck to fit the bill. After hours of dancing and drinking, even a hearty dinner seems long gone. Guests absolutely love when they see a taco truck roll up or a hot dog stand making it’s way into the reception space. Even if the food truck requires guests to pay a small fee for a snack, they’ll still be thrilled to know they don’t have to hit the drive through or order a pizza once back at their hotels (because get real – that’s exactly what happens…)

A Cigar Bar

For the gentleman who loves a good stogie, a cigar bar at your wedding might do the trick. We’ve seen couples hire services that allow guests to roll their own cigars and enjoy them in a private room or in an outdoor space. For those who can’t resist a cigar with their glass of scotch, this add on just might be the perfect touch!

Lounge Seating

As stylists, we are always designing lounge seating into our floor plans. We absolutely love the idea of a non-traditional space where guests can sit and enjoy the view of the dance floor, chat with friends and family, and enjoy a drink. Not to mention, having a couch, a few upholstered chairs, and tables makes your wedding feel royal, top notch (and makes for great pictures!). Guests are always thrilled when they see a comfortable place to sit other than their tables!


Okay, we did mention that these add ons wouldn’t break the bank, and while fireworks aren’t always expensive, they tend to be a bit pricy. That being said, if your venue allows it, there is nothing quite like ending your evening with a firework display. Guests feel like kids again as they enjoy the bright colors bursting against the night sky. It’s the perfect ending to the perfect day – and will definitely send things off with a bang!