I know, I know, we’ve been slacking these last couple weeks where our blog posts are concerned (mainly that we haven’t posted as many). We’re so sorry! Wedding season is in full swing (lame excuse?) and we just styled an incredible launch party for Honeybook (way better excuse) so we’ve been a bit backlogged. But we’re back on track, never fear! And while we typically like to do our Vendor Spotlight Blogs on Fridays, you’ve been so patient that we’re going to give it to you today (cough – please forgive us – cough). Without further ado, enter Alysia and Jayson Photography, a vendor we’ve just recently started working with in the past year, but one we wish we’d known about years and years ago. Not only is this husband and wife team incredibly talented, but they are by far the sweetest people you’d ever want to work with. We cannot gush enough over these two! Let us give you a taste of who they are.

Company Name:

Alysia & Jayson Photography

Type of Work:

Wedding Photography

Years in Business:

3 years


Bel Air, MD

1. Tell us a little bit about your company.

We are Alysia & Jayson, a husband and wife team and we tell love stories. Our passion for the art form of photography began in 2012 after Jayson purchased a “fancy” camera for Alysia’s first Mother’s Day. We quickly fell in love with the ability to create beautiful images of people…and more specifically, we had developed a sweet spot for weddings and engagements. Our distinct adoration for photographing couples became apparent when we’d lose complete track of time during our engagement sessions…we were lost in the work. We knew then that we had something special together.

2. What sets you apart from other vendors within your line of work?

Each of us bring a unique perspective to the table and because we work as a team, our couples are able to relate to us in both masculine and feminine ways. Complementing each other’s style seemed to happen naturally and yet has also developed with each shoot. After being married for 10 years, we’ve learned to work with and around each other’s quirks…and trust us, they are present! Ha! We are often questioned about how it is to work with your spouse! The true answer is that it’s super challenging and also incredibly special and rewarding.

Our hearts are wide open when we work with our brides and grooms. When they see and feel our vulnerability during a session or wedding, they in turn feel more comfortable opening up to our cameras and that’s when we do our best work.

3. What’s your favorite part about the wedding day?

We love so many parts of a wedding day! Emotions are heightened and it’s irresistible for us to try and capture all of those moments the best we can. For example, we’d much rather photograph hugging and happy tear-filled family members immediately following a ceremony rather than the recessional. If we are honest, we adore the time set aside by our couple for bride and groom portraits. Whether it’s a first look or immediately following the ceremony, this time is precious to all and it’s where we really can catch our groove to create.

4. What is something you wish couples knew?

As a bride planning a wedding, we know the process can be utterly overwhelming. As photographers, one thing we try to impart on our couples at the time of consult is how much the wedding day timeline will influence everything about the look and feel of the photos. Whether its the time we’ve been allotted for portraits or the lighting of the day, it’s imperative we educate and talk about a wedding day timeline with our couples in advance of the day.

5. Why do you think a couple should hire a planner?

After working with and realizing just how much goes into the job of planning a great, well-run wedding, we can’t recommend hiring a professional planner enough!! Deciding whether to work with a planner should never be an afterthought…and never should a bride be concerned on her wedding day with whether or not her details are in place for her reception, what to do if a problem arises or if her guests need something. Let’s face it, even with the best laid plans things come up during wedding days that require creative problem solving and work! Knowing this comes from the experience of working so many weddings. One thing we hear frequently from brides when asked if they have a planner is that they don’t need one because their venue has a coordinator. Here is the secret, there is an enormous difference in job responsibility between a venue coordinator and a professional planner & event designer. We suggest making the time to meet with a few planners, they will be able to describe all they will do to serve you well before and on wedding day!


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