These days, it’s not unusual to see couples opting out of the traditional favor in lieu of a more sentimental (and practical) one. We see donations to an animal rescues or children’s hospitals more and more frequently. In fact, we’re often urging couples to go this route as it can truly save the budget! It’s also a much more memorable way for your guests to remember your wedding. Let’s be honest, who needs another glass candle votive with a couples’ name? With that, there’s something to be said for unique wedding favors that we can’t let go. Here’s ten quirky wedding favors we love (and would be totally stoked to receive as a guest).

Quirky Wedding Favor #1: Something Cheesy

We’re not usually ones for puns, but c’mon, how could we not?! This adorable little cheese grater, with a hang tag that says, “A Grate Love” is cheesy (pun definitely intended). But it’s also a super practical and useful gift! This would be a grate favor for a cheese loving couple or even for a duo that just wants to do something different! Get them here!

cheese grater

Quirky Wedding Favor #2: Flower Seeds

Last year, we designed a wedding that was incredibly unique. From the family farm venue to the bridal party’s entrance on a fire truck to the super fun flower seed favors, we truly loved this event. Flower seeds are an awesome way your guests can watch love grow and remember you year after year!

flower seeds

Quirky Wedding Favor #3: Bug Spray

At that same wedding (told you we couldn’t get enough), the bride and her mom (aka the dynamic duo) came up with this clever gem. They offered guests bug spray for the outdoor ceremony. While the guests didn’t take a can home with them, we’re sure they appreciated the thought as the June flies looked to feast! This year, we have a bride giving out bug spray bracelets to each guest, which is seriously the coolest idea ever. No bites for these babes!

bug spray favors

Leah Rhianne Photography

Quirky Wedding Favor # 4: Pashminas

While this favor tends to be on the more expensive side, for a more intimate guest list, pashminas can’t be beat. If you’re looking to host an outdoor wedding in the early spring or late fall, pashminas for every female guest are certain to keep your guests looking stylish and warm!


Quirky Wedding Favor #5: Recipe Cards

If there’s one thing guests love to see at a wedding, it’s good food. Even better? Getting to take home the recipe for the to-die-for mac and cheese or the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake. If your caterer gives you the go, attach a recipe card to a wooden stirring spoon with pretty ribbon. Guests will not only love the idea, they’ll think of you every time they whip up something tasty!

Quirky Wedding Favor #6: Succulents

Succulents are a wonderful favor idea (and this is coming from someone who didn’t inherit her father’s green thumb). They super chic, a perfect favor for a rustic wedding, and quite frankly, adorable. They are also so easy to maintain! Like a cactus, succulents need minimal water and are almost impossible to kill! We love these succulents in DIY vases!


Quirky Wedding Favor #7: Food

While it may not be considered quirky, food is the best go-to favor there is. People love food. They love good food at a wedding, especially because it’s free, and taking food to-go is even better! Whether it be s’mores, a candy bar, or a cookie station, sending guests home with snacks is certain to melt their hearts!

Quirky Wedding Favor #8: Festive Mason Jars

We’ve seen many a bride with mason jars for every guests to use throughout the wedding, but we are really in love with these beauties. Instead of personalization, these mason jar glasses boast a simple script cheers in gold, which is so classy! Your guests won’t want to wait to use them over and over again!

cheers mason jar

Quirky Wedding Favor #9: Playing Cards

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t love playing cards and your guests are no exception! Send your friends and family home with these gorgeous metallic playing cards. You can even personalize a set to include your names and wedding date! Either way, your guests will thank you whenever they pull out their cards for a good old fashioned game of Go Fish!

playing cards

Quirky Wedding Favor #10:

For the right wedding (think: woodland meets etherial), these white resin feather ornaments are the most swoon-worthy favor we’ve ever seen! Not only are they wedding white, they are delicate and will look perfect on a Christmas tree or hanging from a rearview mirror!

feather ornament