If you’re planning a summer wedding, you’re probably praying for clear skies and lots of sunshine. But, while a sunny day will be beautiful, it also presents its own challenges in terms of keeping guests comfortable. Heat and humidity can have a major impact on their enjoyment and it’s important to keep everyone cool and hydrated. The good news is that there’s a lot you can do to beat the heat in creative and stylish ways! Here are seven of the best ideas to keep guests cool at a summer wedding or event.

Cooling cocktails

On a blazing hot day, there’s nothing better than an ice cold drink. Make sure your guests are hydrated both at cocktail hour and during the ceremony by providing cold beverages. That might be water, lemonade, cocktails (or mocktails), or frozen drinks. For a tropical or destination wedding, coconut water is a great choice as it also has lots of nutrients to replenish those electrolytes and keep guests feeling good.

Serve frozen treats

Providing guests with yummy frozen treats for a summer wedding is not only a practical way to keep them cool, it’s also a cute and nostalgic touch. Hire an ice cream or gelato cart, serve popsicles (alcoholic or non), or up the whimsical factor with snow cones.

Hand out parasols

Ideally, you should choose a ceremony area with a bit of natural shade. If that’s not possible, parasols are an easy way to keep guests cool at a summer wedding. Customize them to fit in with your wedding colors or theme and they’ll even double up as décor!

Fan favors and programs

Another simple idea that goes a long way is a fan that guests can use to stay cool. There are lots of cute options here, depending on your wedding style. For example, an island destination wedding might have straw fans while an elegant garden soiree might have decorative wooden fans personalized by a calligrapher. Another great idea is turning your ceremony programs into fans and placing one on each seat.

Create shaded lounge areas

One of the best ways to provide relief is to give guests both shaded and open areas to mingle in, so they can move according to their comfort levels. Decorative pieces like canopies, umbrellas, or floral pergolas can be used as well as larger standing structures or open-sided marquees. It’s the best of both worlds.

Rent misting fans

To really ensure guest comfort, provide cooling misting fans and place them around outdoor and partially covered areas. These use very little energy and are quite discreet, so they’re perfect for an outdoor event when you know heat is bound to be a problem.


Switch up your timeline

A neat trick for working with the climate at a hot weather destination is to know which times of day you can expect sweltering sun. Instead of having a midday ceremony, swap it out for an early evening ceremony or one against a romantic sunset backdrop.

However you choose to keep guests cool at a summer wedding, remember their comfort is always a priority! People will remember your wedding for how it made them feel, and you don’t want ‘a hot and sweaty mess’ to be their abiding memory!