One of the most exciting parts about wedding day prep is getting dolled up! In the weeks leading up to your big day, getting a massage, a facial, manis and pedis can be so much fun! But it can also cost some serious dough. With everything you’ve already spent on the venue, the caterer, the dress, spending even more can feel terrifying! Primping for your wedding on a budget may not seem possible, but with these few tips, it can be!

Work Primping Into Your Overall Budget

Whether you plan to spend a chunk of change or simply pennies on your wedding day primping, work it into your budget from the beginning. When we work with a bride, we sit down and figure out what’s important to her. If that means she wants to spend $1,000 of her wedding budget on primping, we work that in, just like we would a caterer or venue cost. Knowing your spend limit in the beginning makes things a heck of a lot easier when you’re scheduling those facials and 90 minute massages!


Be Realistic.

We’re not telling you that you can’t enjoy a pre-wedding massage or a long soak in the pedicure tub. After months (or even years) of planning, you deserve some relaxation! We are suggesting you be realistic. A week at a destination spa the month before your wedding may sound luxurious, but it also mean taking out a small loan (we’re kidding, of course…sort of…). Talk to your fiance about what primping for your wedding means to both of you. Does it mean a couples’ massage? Perfect! How about a much needed facial to give your skin that dewy glow? Know that your wedding day is likely to be one of the biggest days of your life, but it is also one day. Don’t let wedding day primping break the budget.

Don’t use this time to try out someone new.

Don’t get us wrong, we are suckers for good Groupon deals. Trying out a new hair stylist or massage therapist for half the cost is SO worth it! That being said, don’t leave your wedding day primping in the hands of someone you don’t trust. Even if it means spending a little more money, get your hair colored with your normal hair stylist. Use your go-to nail tech for your wedding mani and pedi. The time to regret a beauty choice is not in the days leading up to your wedding.


Prioritize Your Primping

Simply put, you need to feel your best on your wedding day. That may mean spending all day at the spa the week before your wedding. It might mean engaging in more mind-clearing yoga in the days leading up to the big day. Whatever you choose to do, do it. Carve out time for yourself (and your fiance!). If you want to feel like a million bucks and that means upping your beauty routine, by all means, have at it! It’s one day where you and your fiance will be center stage. Your pictures will be around for years to come; you want to make sure you feel your best in them!