This morning, we were speaking to a bride about the benefits of working with us, one of which includes our baller emergency kit that we bring to each and every wedding. It’s rare that we go through an entire wedding without opening it at least once, which is why we make sure it is packed full with some serious essentials, as well as some odds and ends that you may not have considered. If you’re going at it alone, here’s a few items that you’ll want to be sure you have with you in your personal emergency kit in case of any wedding day snafus.

Tide Pens

It’s not difficult to imagine: a white dress, a glass of red wine, an excited wedding guest. You get the picture? Even if it happens late in the night post-pictures, waiting to dry clean your dress might be disastrous. Tide Pens are crucial tools of the trade when it comes to quickly zapping that stain out of your gorgeous gown.

Safety Pins

These magical, little dudes are seriously a wedding planners’ best friend. Whether it be pinning up your cathedral length train when your bustle breaks (yes, been there) or essentially fitting your bridesmaid’s dress because her tailer never actually performed the alterations on her gown (yup, been there, too), safety pins have been known to save the day more than once.


One of our biggest pieces of advice to brides and grooms is to eat a healthy, hearty breakfast the morning of the wedding. With that advice, it would be unfair of us not to have the essential tools to make sure your mouth is totally kiss-worthy when it comes for the big I Dos! Traditional floss can also come in handy for last minute sewing projects or to fix a malfunctioning DIY.


Typically, we have a few pairs of scissors in our emergency kits for our own personal use (Lord knows we have plenty of reasons to need scissors as we’re setting up your big day). That being said, you would be surprised how many times we’re asked by the bride, mother of the groom, bridesmaids, etc. if we have a sharp something-or-other to cut x, y, or z. Scissors are just a must.

A Fresh Bout

Okay, we have to give the gents a break here. It’s not every day they’re used to wearing flowers on their suit jackets. With that, you can probably understand how many crushed boutonnieres we see after the groomsmen have decided to pile on the groom for a group photo. While we likely aren’t stocked with a bout for every boy, a fresh flower for your groom is essential to making your ceremony and post-wedding photos look top notch.

Batteries & Chargers

I know, it seems odd that we’d have a few AAs in our stash. Back in the day, we had a bunch on hand in case Mom’s camera died just as you were putting on your gown. Now, we see less and less battery operated cameras and more phone cameras, which is why we also have a few chargers in our arsenal for the iPhone or Droid that just didn’t have enough juice.

Bobby Pins

Fun fact: most brides will have upwards of 75 bobby pins in their hair for the perfect up do. Even the most experienced stylists count on these little do-dads to make sure not a single hair is out of place for your big day. Given that you’ll be donned with so many, there is a chance you’ll lose a bobby or two without even realizing it. We’ve got plenty in the emergency kit in case a stray hair goes crazy, but we’ve also been known to pull them from our own hair if time is of the essence. Hey, you gotta do whatcha gotta do.

That’s most certainly not all of it, but those are some of our go-tos. If you’re packing your own emergency kit, be sure to include the following things, as well!

Band Aids, Q Tips, nail files (no snagged dresses here!), hair spray, Chapstick, Advil, Pepto Bismal, candy (for so many reasons – a blood sugar drop, to ease nerves, or just because), straws (for sipping your drink without messing your lipstick!), hem tape, a brush or comb, water, eyedrops, tissues, and tweezers.