A Message to Bridal Parties: Throw a Not-So-Typical Bachelor and Bachelorette Party!

If we did a poll, we have a feeling more than half of our readers (at least) would check the “yes” box under the question, “Have you ever attended a bachelor or bachelorette party?” Let’s be honest – these last hoorah’s can be really fun! For the ladies, getting a cute new t-shirt that encourages others to buy drinks for the bride are worth the 20 bucks because it’s just so much fun to see one of your best friends enjoying herself on her last night as a “single lady”. And for the gents, reliving your college frat days with the groom can be awesome, even if doesn’t feel that way the next day. But what about the brides and grooms who aren’t as in to the whole bar-hopping, sash-wearing, tiger-stealing kind of night? Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating about the tiger-stealing, but The Hangover has set some pretty high expectations for friends of the bride and groom to throw an epic, all-nighter type bachelor or bachelorette party. We’re here to put your troubled minds at ease. Here are a few fun, unique ideas for the bride or groom’s last night that are sure to please (and don’t result in a missing front tooth…hopefully).

Ski Trip

Okay, so we mentioned these wouldn’t result in any missing teeth, but if the bride, groom, or anyone in the bridal party doesn’t know how to ski, we suggest a few (read: several) trips down the bunny hill before trying to master a black diamond! For the bride or groom looking for a trip full of adventure that is sure to have a few laughs, though, this is definitely the one! We suggest making a weekend out of it and caravanning to a local ski resort. Spend the first morning hitting the slopes and warm up by the lodge’s outdoor fireplace in the afternoon. If the bride or groom is interested in having an adult beverage, why not spice it up with some spiked cider? Rent a cabin near the slopes and spend the night playing board games, cooking dinner, and swapping your favorite stories about the guest of honor. The next morning, put your newly learned skills to the test and see who can make it down the mountain faster. Bonus points if there aren’t any wipe outs! Even if the weekend is primarily spent trying to coordinate your skis to move down the mountain, as opposed to in to the nearby trees, everyone is sure to enjoy trying something out of the box!

Bachelorette Party Ideas Ski Trip

Group Paint Night

You’ve probably heard about this latest trend and we’re quickly falling in love with it, too! New to the idea? Let us explain. There are a few companies in the area that we know of (and we’re sure many more around the nation) that set up a night of painting for a group of people. They supply the easels, the canvas, the paint, and the brushes – you supply the skill! An art professional stands at the front of the room with a finished painting that, in our opinion, looks amazing and too difficult for an amateur to paint. By following their lead, however, students are shown how to make their canvas look like the sample and are encouraged to add their own twist. By the end of the night, canvases go from blank, white slates, to magical masterpieces. The best part? Comparing your work to your friends! Want to be even more unique? How about setting up your own paint night with the bridal party and painting wine glasses and beer mugs for the soon-to-be newlyweds? The only thing better than a cabinet full of glassware in their new home is a cabinet full of glassware handmade by their very best friends! We are simply in love with this idea! (P.S.  How pretty are the paintings our friends made in the picture below?!)

Bachelorette Party Ideas Group Paint Night


While getting shot with a 200 mph paintball (seriously, we looked up how fast they travel!) may not sound like much fun to some, to others, the idea of teaming up and creating a paint-filled battle scene is the perfect idea for a fun-filled afternoon. And this could be just what your bride or groom is looking for! To create the best possible paintball bachelor or bachelorette party, we suggest fueling your team with food before hand – no one can run and shoot on an empty stomach! Next, make sure everyone is wearing the proper clothing. Our suggestion? Lots and lots of soft, squishy layers! Once you’re ready to go, split up in to teams and play capture the flag! An old-fashioned childhood favorite with a twist – if you’re not careful, you’ll be splattered with paint! Oh, and our favorite rendition? Why not find a few of the ugliest bridesmaid dresses you can find at a local thrift store and play wearing those. An entirely new version of trash the dress! Obviously we’re talking about the ladies doing this, but hey, guys, we’re not judging!

Bachelorette Party Ideas Paintball

Listen, no matter what you do, we’re sure the bride and groom are going to love it. C’mon, they get to spend some time with their closest friends celebrating their upcoming marriage. Who wouldn’t love that? Whether it’s spending the day on the slopes or an evening painting wine glasses, we’re sure that the bride and groom are going to love these unique, yet totally fabulous, party ideas! And if you’re sure the bride or groom really does want one last wild night out, just remember, getting married to a random woman, stealing a wild animal, and taking a joy ride in a cop car all might sound like a good idea, but really just lead to much more trouble than it’s worth!