While we girls are no stranger to getting away for some quality R&R, we rarely get the chance to do so during our oh-so-busy wedding season (but hey, we’re not complaining!). Because of this, we decided it would be a great idea to take a short trip to the beach before we really jump into the thick of our weekends filled with wedding bliss. What better place to enjoy some serious pampering, sleep-until-10-relaxation, and one-of-a-kind M&C family bonding?

Although we tried to keep you up to date on our adventures via social media, we’ll give you the inside scoop in this post to use as a mid-afternoon pick me up!

Day One:

We were so ready to get our mini getaway started, but first things first, birthday parties and bridal showers! Kayte and Courtney both had events Sunday afternoon so they met Rebekah and Bridget down at the shore. Half way through their car ride, Kayte and Courtney got this picture from Rebekah, giving them a little taste of just what they were in for!


After seeing this, Kayte and Courtney were pumped – a room with a view as beautiful as that? Yes, please! Just as they were about to turn into the complex, however, they got a message with not-so-great news. The elevator in the building was not working. Okay, no biggie, anyone can handle a few stairs…or so they thought. SEVEN flights of stairs later, carrying what felt like 50 pounds of luggage (hey, a girl needs options!), they just about died. A few deep breaths, a plate of yummy homemade spaghetti, and a glass of red wine later, though, the girls were feeling much more relaxed and ready for the next few days! The first night in the condo was spent catching up on the day’s events, laughing hysterically, and trying to figure out the weight limit on a twin sized top bunk (note: we’re not sure they are made for adults).

Day Two:

That morning, we all slept in until the sunshine forced us out of bed (again, no complaints here). We lazily made breakfast and sipped on mimosas; it was quite possibly the most relaxing morning we’ve all had in a while! After we fueled up on yummy pancakes and delicious bacon (indulge!), we did some major damage at the outlets. Hello, tax free! First, we stopped at a local wine bar where the selection was out-of-this-world amazing and found a few of our favorite reds. Then we hit all the go-to shops at Tanger and even though we each said, “Okay, I’m finished spending money,” at least 3 times each, we closed down those outlets like it was our job to do so! After our credit cards saw one too many swipes, we were in search of a local joint to get some grub and thankfully Courtney, our resident OC expert, knew just the place to go! Although we had just enjoyed happy hour not long before, we were all famished and in need of the famous orange crush that Harbor Side has to offer! And the only thing better than the fresh squeezed juicy goodness of the crush? The fact that all entrees were half-price! Being in this business, we know when we see a good deal, and let us tell you, that’s a good deal! One appetizer, four dinners, and a few yummy drinks later, we were ready to kick off our heels and watch a movie. Snuggled up on the tiny pull-out couch in our condo, we topped off the night with just a touch more red wine and a chick-flick!

Day Three:

We’re sure you can agree, waking up on your last day of vacation, especially a mini vacation, can be quite sucky. You wake up with that pit in your stomach knowing it is the last day of pure relaxation and joy before making the trek home. Thankfully, our totally rockin’ boss treated us all to luscious pedicures that morning to start the day off right (and soothe our aching feet from the previous day’s shopping adventure!). Afterwards, we took advantage of the gorg weather and took a walk (read: 10 minute stroll because it was so chilly) on the beach. While Courtney and Kayte braved putting their toes in the water, Bridget and Rebekah made the smarter choice to stay dry. A few cartwheels, sandy-toe pictures, and windblown hair fixes later, we were ready to defrost at another local dive, Kirby’s Pub. Talk about delish!


Shortly after our adventure-filled day, we knew we had to pack up to start heading home. While it was short-lived, we can’t say enough good things about our mini girls getaway. We shared so many laughs and (somehow?!) learned even more about one another than we already knew. This three day trip to the shore was just what we needed to get us prepped for a season full of wedding excitement! Now that we’re back and have dusted the sand from our toes, we’re more than ready for our weddings to begin, We can’t wait to see our ideas come to life this season for our sweet, sweet couples and start planning for next year’s big events!