As inclusive wedding planners, we take great pride in celebrating love of all kinds. Being instantly recognized for our ability to portray masculine energy in an elegant and sophisticated fashion, it didn’t take Brian and Jay too long to find us. What took us by surprise, however, was their incredible story, as they are a living testament that love truly knows no bounds. With that, allow us to present to you their modern wedding, one that captivated the hearts and souls of everyone present – ourselves included.

Meeting The Grooms

Interestingly enough, Jay and Brian had a connection with us before their modern wedding! In fact, they’re Jenn’s friends, an incredible addition to our team, and once August came, we were in full planning mode! This was by far one of the most fun couples to be around! Jay is from South Africa and has the most charming accent – we could literally hear him speaking for ages. But aside from their infectious character, their modern wedding was executed to perfection because they knew exactly what they wanted.

The Venue Of Their Dreams 

Jay and Brian had been engaged for ages, but they took their time to host their modern wedding because they wanted to find a venue that spoke volumes about their love. As you know, good things come to those who wait, so luck struck this incredible couple. After some meticulous research, all their paths led them to the Citizens Ballroom.


Style-wise, this venue is what they dreamed of. The black-and-white interiors gave them plenty of room to experiment with their settings, so they opted for a lot of greenery with subtle pops of jade. However, the venue’s location is what made them decide that the Citizens Ballroom was the one. Namely, the venue is right next door to Jojo’s, where they first met. And if that’s not sweet enough, their first apartment together is right across the street! It almost seemed that destiny was calling them to host their modern wedding here!

Indoor wedding ceremony with circular greenery in the middle and black chairs surrounding the alter.

A Ceremony Like No Other

The grooms wanted to embrace modernity in any way possible, so they had really unique ideas in mind. Luckily, they had us as their gay wedding planners to make them come alive! For one, they wanted to play around with color subtly. That’s why they opted for green elements for the reception tables but didn’t want any more floral motifs since they clashed with the masculine appeal. Jay and Brian also placed their wedding favors in a vending machine, and every guest received a viewfinder for the invitation. Still, this wasn’t the most impressive part of the modern wedding.  Instead of the traditional altar, the grooms opted for a circular ceremony. They took center stage, and everyone had a great view of the magnificence that had happened before them. Rest assured, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room!

Celebrate Love

Once they made promises of eternal love, it was time for the fun to begin! We brought out the shiniest disco balls, and the atmosphere shifted in the blink of an eye! Who knew their guests were such great (and tireless!) dancers? We had the most wonderful time celebrating their marriage, and everyone in the room was incredibly supportive and inclusive. All in all, it was the modern wedding of our dreams. We want to extend our deepest gratitude to Jay and Brian – this modern wedding was unlike anything else we’ve hosted before! If you’re thinking about making your love official, get in contact. With us by your side, you’ll get the celebration you’ve always wanted.

The Vendors

Wedding Planner – Moore and Co Events
Photography – Bombs Over Betty
Videography – Abi Doodle Productions
Event Venue – Citizens Ballroom
Catering – Rouge Catering
Florals – Blush Floral Design Studio
Rentals – Pretty Little Wedding Co
DJ – Ridiculous Entertainment
Stationary – MLC Designs
Linens BBK La Tavola
Ceremony Musicians – Two Rivers Chamber Music
Dessert – Sage Cakery
Transportation – Lasting Impressions Limo