Did you remember that Mother’s Day is this weekend?! Ah! No worries if you forgot to shop. We’re here today to give you some last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas! All of these are gifts that any mom in your life is sure to love.

5 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Here are five of our last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas for you! Most of these are subscriptions. The great thing about this is that a subscription fits pretty much any budget! You can get them a one-month subscription for them to test it out, six-month, or even a full year!

1. For the book-loving mom: A Book of the Month subscription

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Does your mom love to read? She’ll probably love a subscription to Book of the Month! Each month, she will get to choose from five books. There are also add-on options, so if she reads a lot, she can add more than one book for the month! They frequently showcase early release books and lesser-known authors, so it’s a great way to get introduced to new books.

Check them out here

2. For the foodie mom: A Home Chef, Hello Fresh, or Blue Apron subscription

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Is your mom the chef of the house? Does she love trying new recipes? A Home Chef or Hello Fresh subscription could be something that she’ll love!

Both of these are home meal delivery services. They will deliver all of the ingredients that you need for a home-cooked meal, along with the recipe! All of the ingredients are pre-portioned, and usually pre-cut. It makes all of the prep work super easy, and gives you the chance to try out some new dishes!

There are a ton of different package options, so be sure to check them all out to figure out the best one for the mama in your life!

Home Chef

Hello Fresh

Blue Apron

3. For the wino mom: A Winc subscription

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What mom doesn’t love wine?! A Winc subscription will allow her to test out different wines that she may have otherwise never tried! All of the wines are hand-picked from all around the world. You take a questionnaire to help asses your palate before they send you the wines!

Check it out here

4. For the couch potato mom: A streaming service subscription

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Does your mom love watching new shows and movies? Gift her a streaming service subscription! There are so many streaming services out there now, so it’s unlikely that she’s already subscribed to all of them.

Or, you can go to a local Target and find a boxed set of her favorite show!

5. For the ready-to-travel-again mom: An Airbnb gift card or surprise getaway

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Is Mom ready to travel again? Maybe she’s fully vaccinated and feels comfortable going now, or maybe she’s just ready for a trip! Either way, this is such a thoughtful gift idea. It really shows that you were thinking about her!

There are a lot of different things that you can gift your mom to help her travel. You can give her an Airbnb gift card. You could plan an entire weekend getaway or staycation for just the two of you, and surprise her with it! The possibilities are endless, but we’re confident that she will love this gift.

Check out Airbnb

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