One of the things that couples consider when trying to save money on their wedding day is to hire a friend or family member to be their “DJ” for the night. They’ll put together a playlist on Spotify, have someone be in charge of it, and everything will go smoothly, right? Well… not necessarily! We always think that hiring a professional DJ is in your best interests, and here are a few reasons why!

Large database of music

When you hire a professional DJ, they have a huge selection of music to choose from! Many DJs will also set you up with a portal, so that you can easily choose important songs (first dance, parent dances, cake cutting, etc.), must-play songs, and do not play songs. They will also be skilled enough to seamlessly transition from one song to the other!

Remember that your wedding will likely have guests who are a wide range of ages and personalities. Your DJ is skilled enough to know how to cater to everyone in the room with their music selections!


Keep in mind that your DJ is also going to act as the emcee of the evening. They will make announce you and your wedding party into the reception, as well as make other various announcements (when it is time for the cake cutting, when dinner is served, etc.) Because of this, you want to hire a trusted, professional DJ who will be comfortable entertaining everyone throughout the night.


Finally, our final reason (and potentially the most important!) to hire a professional DJ for your wedding is for their reliability. If the DJ is for some reason unable to make it to your wedding (illness, family emergency, etc.), then they will have a back-up option in place. They likely have other employees or other connections in the industry that they will be able to contact to replace them in these situations.

In addition, if any of their equipment is damaged or not working, they likely have back-up equipment. If you are hiring a friend or family member, they likely don’t have backup equipment, especially if DJing is just a hobby for them. If anything goes wrong, you want to be sure that you will still have music during your wedding!

And there are just a few reasons why we think hiring a professional DJ for your wedding is a good idea! Of course, there are exceptions where having a playlist may work best for you. Always talk with your planner to discuss your options!