He knows when and how to capture the perfect moment.

The entire point of hiring a great photographer is so the first look, the first kiss, and the moment your guests see you for the first time are all immortalized in time. Not only do you want those picture-perfect moments captured on film, but also the candids – the look between a bride and groom as they wait at the aisle, the father’s face as he wipes away his tears during the first dance, the epic dance battle that takes place later in the evening. A good photographer knows how to capture these pictures, but a great one knows exactly where to be so he doesn’t miss a beat!

She has done this a time or two and knows exactly the right angle/lighting/setting to make your pictures perfect.


Alysia & Jayson Photography

A great photographer knows how to make you feel comfortable behind the camera.

Trust us, no matter how many selfies you take on the regular, when you get behind a professional camera, it’s completely normal to freeze up. Just the idea of needing to pose might make you feel fake. A great photographer knows how to put you at ease, which makes a world of difference when it comes to your photos (especially since you’ll be behind the camera for quiiiite a long time on your big day).

TPoz Photography

They know how to be a wall flower, while still getting every single shot.

You want your photographer to be seen as little as possible, while still getting shots like this.


Bow Tie Photo

He/She values photography as an art, which is evident in the pictures you’ll receive.

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Brooke Courtney Photography