Welcome to our new blog – we’re happy to be back in blog action!

Since April, when we made the jump from K&B Events to Moore & Co. Event Stylists, until now things have been crazy busy but in the best way possible! Right out of the gate we began rebranding (obviously!) and at the time our “wedding season” was just beginning. It was like an adrenaline rush for a marketing major now turned wedding planner!

Ever since the name change there has been so many new and exciting things happening.  Maybe something uber exciting like a new space?!  That’s right, we’re opening up a new place to call “home” and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  We can’t seem to stop thinking about what colors we’re going to paint, the chic furniture we plan to buy and the little things we can do to make the space our studio… It keeps us (at least me, Courtney) up at night!  Luckily for everyone involved, we have an interior designer on our team so it will be oh so fab!  We’ll post pictures once we are all moved and cozied in!

Oh and for those of you who weren’t following us before, or  just want a little “catch up,” I am Courtney, one of the Event Stylists for Moore & Co.  I am a marketing major from Salisbury and have been with M&C for two years now.  I can barely believe its been that long!!  We also have  another Event Stylist, Rebekah, the interior designer I mentioned earlier.  She joined our team at the beginning of 2013 after 10 years of design experience and we are so happy she did!  Let’s not forget the founder of our company, Bridget Moore (hence, MOORE & Co.).  She’s been planning weddings for over nine years and finally decided to open her own company in January of 2009.  It’s because of her Rebekah and I can do what we love most!  Thanks, Bridge!

Keep checking back each week see what design inspirations we have in store for you, fun planning tips, featured weddings from our very own totally awesome couples, new guests bloggers & so much more!

Have a fabulous weekend!