One of the up and coming trends that we are totally falling in love with is the idea of straying from the traditional wedding cake. While we are total suckers for a classic cake cutting and the pictures that follow, we love the when couples are willing to switch it up when it comes to dessert.


This picture is from one of our couples, Danielle & Jimmy’s wedding where Sweet Eats did the cutest little bite size pies we ever did see!   It is becoming a trend now and one of our very own, Kayte, just had her wedding and in fitting with the vintage, backyard feel they were going for, she and her hubby decided to have pie for their guests instead of just wedding cake. The dessert table was lined with tree stumps that made the perfect pedestals for the homemade apple, cherry, berry, and chocolate pies. The guests were raving about the yummy pastries and couldn’t seem to get enough! Pie is a great way to end the night on a sweet note, especially if you’re aiming for a more low key menu (BBQ anyone?).


These tiny bits of Heaven seem to be the go-to for those who don’t want to have cake at their wedding. They make the perfect substitute for those who still want to “cut the cake”, but want something daintier and less formal. The best part of cupcakes? You can have your baker make a variety of flavors so your guests have options to choose from! Some of our favorites include chocolate and peanut butter combos, raspberry filled cakes, and salted caramel – great, now we’re drooling.


We are totally taken with the idea of having cake pops for dessert. Guests who look forward to the cake won’t be disappointed, but again, you can have several flavors and, c’mon, how cute! Cake pops are a portable dessert, meaning guests won’t have to leave the dance floor to enjoy them. A cake pop in each hand allows guests to continue boogying during the best of the 80’s.


No, we’re not talking about having Snickers at your wedding, even though that would be totally cool with us! We’re talking about a table filled with different types of candy (maybe the bride and groom’s favorite or candy in your wedding colors?), bags for filling, and signs saying “Eat me!” Guests love nothing more than a help-yourself-station where they can take as little or as much as they’d like. Candy is an easy dessert that guests can enjoy throughout the night and then again when they get home!


While these yummy sweets may be totally unexpected, your guests will absolutely love the originality! Who doesn’t love a doughnut with sprinkles or a chocolatey, gooey, Boston Cream? Surprise your guests by having a few dozen cupcakes at their disposal, but make sure to have extra napkins laying around!

Just remember, whatever dessert you choose to serve on your wedding night, make it sweet, make it delish, and make it fun!