Part of the reason we love our job so much is because of brides like Toni. When we meet someone so kind, so passionate, and so easy-going, it makes our jobs that much more fun and enjoyable. Throughout the entire planning process with Toni and Noel, both the bride and groom were great. They trusted us from the start, which made planning and designing their wedding a blast! With every decision we made, Toni and Noel continued to surprise us with their nonchalant attitudes and go-with-the-flow personalities. Even when the wedding was threatened to be rescheduled due to the Baltimore riots, the bride and groom kept their cool. Truly. Amazing. People. Thanks to the incredible staff at the Pier V Hotel and the team of rockin’ vendors, we were able to push through and make this wedding happen!

Thankfully, despite any turbulence downtown, the couple was still able to get married outside on the gorgeous grounds of the hotel. The harbor made for an incredible backdrop for this ceremony.




From the start, the color scheme and design was very important to the bride and groom. While they loved the location and look of the hotel, they wanted a more romantic feel in the ballroom for their big day. Enter candlelight – one of our best friends. We decided the best way to accent the wood finish in the ballroom was to warm it with candlelight and we did so by covering the tables in vases of all sizes, filled with hundreds of pillar candles. Those mixed with the textured linens made for an incredibly romantic touch!



We loved that this bride was up for anything so when we heard she wanted romance, our minds went straight to blush, ivory, and champagne. We wanted subtle touches of color that brought beauty to the room.



Like we said, part of the reason we love our jobs so much is because of amazing couples and this one definitely did not fall short. Their energy was sky high the day of their wedding, despite having to make a few last minute changes due to the riots. They were clearly just happy to be married and in love!