Earlier on the blog, we gave you the inside scoop on how to treat your bridal party to the best thank you gifts this side of the Mississippi. We realized that thinking of the best way to say thank you to those most important can be a challenge, so we set out to find the most memorable gifts we could. We must admit, those gifts were some of the coolest we’d seen to date. After that post, we knew we couldn’t stop there; after all, there is another group of people that cannot be forgotten – your parents!

Some of our favorite wedding moments include the parents of the bride and groom: the look a mother gives her son after he’s vowed his heart and soul to his beautiful bride-to-be, the teary dance between a father and his daughter. Without these important people, your wedding would just not be the same. So why not show them your thanks in a way that says just that? Here at Moore and Co, we’ve gotten in touch with our soft sides to figure out just how to say, “I’ll always be your little girl” and “Thanks for raising me to be the man I am” to moms, dads, and stepparents, alike.

One of our favorite gift ideas for all of those sentimental dads out there is a pair of cufflinks, but we’re not just talking about your traditional, run-of-the-mill hardware. We love the idea of personalized studs that can remind your dad of your love for him every time he wears them. Why not get good ol’ dad a pair of cufflinks that house his favorite childhood picture of you? Or better yet, get something like these, where one cufflink has a picture of you and the other reminds everyone of his oh-so-important role on your wedding day? We think most dads will agree, this gift will have them choking up long before he has to give his daughter away.


Find these personalized cufflinks here.

For all of us here at Moore and Co, our moms are some of our closest friends, so we get it when we hear brides and grooms say they want something extra special for her. We’ve seen plenty of great gift ideas for these lovely ladies, but we are absolutely taken with this dainty little number. This specific necklace has a sweet note to mothers of the groom, but we love that it can be personalized to say anything you want! How touching would it be for mom to have a pretty little piece to show off, not just at your wedding, but at every moment after that, as well?


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Both gifts above are perfect for the mom and dad who love (and have a reason to wear) jewelry. But what about the dads who would have no use for cufflinks except as a paperweight post-wedding or the moms who really don’t need another necklace? Fear not! We’ve found some really special gifts for them, too! We can’t get enough of these adorable personalized glasses that mom and dad can use during the reception and at every beer drinking, wine sipping event there after. And how about this sweet sign, donned with the couple’s name and a charming little note at the bottom? Perfect for parents who are looking to fill that blank space on their living room wall and would fall in love with this daily reminder that they raised some great kids!


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Purchase your personalized sign  here.

Before we wrap it up, we can’t help but talk about this unique twist on gift giving. For those of you looking to change it up a bit, we love the idea of presenting parents with a special something during the ceremony. Not only do your parents get a little moment to shine, but we’re certain the surprise on their face will keep you smiling all night. Lately, we’re loving the idea of giving parents potted trees. During the ceremony, the officiant looks to the guests and explains that what they thought were simply stunning decor are in fact gifts for the parents of the bride and groom; the trees represent the strong foundation given to the couple from their parents, as well as the couple’s future growth together. How cool is that?! And we think most parents would agree that it would be too sweet to watch that tree grow in the backyard for years to come. For couples looking for an out of the box idea, we think this tops the list!