It’s no secret that having a wedding during a pandemic is going to be different. But, with some COVID wedding safety guidelines in place, it’s more than possible to have a safe wedding right now! Today we’re going to go through some guidelines that you might want to consider to keep you and your guests safe.

COVID Wedding Safety Guidelines to Consider

Here are some COVID wedding safety guidelines that you might want to consider during your wedding day. We are by no means telling you that you have to follow all of these. That is up to you, your venue, and your local regulations! However, this could be a good place to get started when thinking about the COVID wedding safety guidelines that you might want to implement.

Colored wristbands

colored wristbands

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This has been an incredibly popular wedding trend throughout COVID! The idea is to pass out wristbands of various colors. Each color represents the comfort level that a person has regarding interactions. For example, green could mean that they’re okay with close contact, like hugs and handshakes; yellow could mean that they’re okay with elbow bumps, but no hugs or handshakes; and red could mean that they want complete social distancing.

To limit contact even further, have these wristbands at each person’s table, rather than in communal baskets that everyone is grabbing from.

Providing masks

colorful masks

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While masks are pretty much a given at this point, it’s a good idea to provide masks to your guests! While most people will likely show up with their own mask, things happen. Someone could forget theirs, or something could happen to someone’s mask and they need a replacement. It’s a good idea to have enough masks for each guest!

These could be themed for your wedding (doubling as a favor), or plain disposable ones.

Multiple sanitizing stations

sanitizer station sign

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Don’t forget to have multiple sanitizing stations throughout your venue! Be sure to check with your venue first. They may already have these set up throughout their space! If not, it will be important for you to make sure that you have hand sanitizer located in central parts of your venue. You don’t necessarily need to have it at each table, although that is definitely an option! Have them at key contact points, such as near entrances/exits.

Distance seating

Do your best to distance seating as much as possible, both at your ceremony and reception. Spread out ceremony seating as much as possible, as well as the tables at the reception. It will also be a good idea to only include members of the same household at each table!

Limit dance floor capacity

If you are choosing to still include a dance floor at your reception, you might be considering limiting capacity. How would that work, though? You can have signs that state how many people can be on the dance floor at one time. Or, call each table up to the dance floor at specific times!

Another way around this is to break up the dance floor and have “mini dance floors” around the venue. This is a great option if you have a lot of room to work with around the venue!

Make everyone aware of rules

Whatever restrictions or guidelines that you are choosing to implement, make sure that your guests are aware of them. This includes stating them on your wedding website and invitations, as well as having signs throughout your venue. Guests can’t follow the rules if they are not made aware of them!

Virtually include people while getting ready

If you are limiting the amount of people that you’ll have with you while getting ready, then a virtual option might be a good idea. Maybe there are people that you would typically have join you, but you just don’t have the room. Start a Zoom and include all of the people that you want to join you!

Implement temperature checks

temperature check

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Temperature checks definitely are not a surefire way to keep COVID out of your wedding. Someone could have COVID and not yet display a fever. However, it’s a safety measure that some people choose to take, because it at least keeps people away who do have a fever. Better safe than sorry, right?

Keep things short

It’s been said that it’s much easier to catch the virus if you are around it for a longer period of time. For this reason, you might want to consider keeping your wedding festivities shorter than they would normally be. For example, your ceremony could be less than 30 minutes, followed by a celebration of a couple hours.

Discourage close greetings

Do your best to discourage hugs and kissing throughout your wedding day. We know that it’s hard on such a special day, but this is one of the best ways to stay safe!

Zoom ceremony

If you want to keep your ceremony on the smaller side to stay safe, then you can consider livestreaming your ceremony via Zoom! This way, everyone that you love can participate in seeing you say your vows to each other.

Require testing before wedding

Another option that some couples may consider is requiring guests to provide a negative test result a few days before the wedding. Again, this isn’t a surefire way keep COVID out — someone who tests negative could test positive the next day. However, it still keeps those people out who end up testing negative from unknowingly spreading the virus.

Keep in contact with guests after wedding

Finally, one of our most important tips is to make sure that guests contact you after the wedding if they become ill or test positive. This way, you can find a way to contact all guests to make them aware.

How to Stay COVID-Safe as a Wedding Guest

Now that we’ve gone through some COVID wedding safety guidelines, here are some ways that you can be a COVID-safe wedding guest!

  • Follow the guidelines that are being set regarding masks
  • Use hand sanitizer frequently
  • Don’t expect any hugs or kisses. Keep your distance as much as possible!

Remember, a wedding during a pandemic is going to be different no matter what. But, it can still be fun! Don’t let any changes get you down. If you’re looking for someone to help implement some of these guidelines to your own wedding day, but aren’t sure where to start, contact us here! We’d love to help.

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