As many of you know, I recently got engaged, so you’ll find a lot of our blogs will follow the steps I’m in during this entire process. Right now, I’m thinking of how I’ll be asking the special ladies in my life (and let’s be honest, how Ryan will be asking his gents) to be in our wedding. I have to admit, it’s much larger than we hoped for, but we love these people so much, we can’t stand together without them! Here are some of the bridal party proposal ideas that have crossed my mind. Disclaimer: I have not decided what we are doing yet! 😉


We would venture to say this is the most popular way to ask your guys and gals to stand by your side on your big day!

A Small Token

These days, so many things are so extraordinary. Don’t feel the pressure to make it a big thing when asking your closest guys and gals to stand by you. Since they already know who you are, they’re likely not expecting a big “to-do.”

Find these Etsy earrings here and tie clip here!

bridal party proposalbridal party proposal

Personalized Gifts

Take your favorite thing. We love bubbly, so naturally we love the idea of the personalized label on our favorite bottle. For the guys, grab your favorite six pack or bottle and wrap it.

You can purchase these adorable champagne (they make wine too!) labels for the gal pals here!

bridal party proposal

Gift Boxes

They’re totally in right now! We love it because you can pick all of your favorite things to put in the box. If it were us, we would definitely have some bubbly to celebrate with, a soft robe to relax in, a pretty smelling candle to light, chocolates to eat and lotion to moisturize with!

For the guys, mix it up with a tie (or bow tie) you’d like them to wear on the big day (it’ll even save them some money down the road), their favorite bottle of liquor and a cigar. Heck, they’ll probably be shocked it’s more than a call.

You can purchase the gifts pre-made by places like Salt & Pepper Co., Marigold & GreyBliss & Bale (pictured at the top) and Fox Blossom (pictured below). You can also order all different individual items on Etsy…you all know by now just how much we love Etsy!

bridal party proposal
bridal party proposal



Make it a girls’ night or guys’ night! You already love your peeps, so take them out (or stay in!) and spend quality time together. We also think it’s a great way to introduce the few who may not know each other.

We love a good night out because it isn’t often we can do it!  If you decide to stay in, have your favorite take out brought in or cook your favorite meal. During your toast, just remind them how special they are to you and you cannot imagine saying “I do” without your crew. If dinner isn’t in the cards, have a happy hour or late night movie with popcorn and candy.


Okay, you can do a photo collage, too, but it’s 2017. Everything is going video so your proposal could, too! We tried to find some awesome videos of couples who have done it, but nothing came close to what we were hoping to find. That just means: you could be original and do it first! If you do, send us our videos! We would love to see them!