Okay, so you’ve decided on the perfect venue and your list of vendors is on point. You’ve picked out your dream dress and a killer pair of heels to make your wedding look one that everyone is going to be talking about for years to come. You’ve figured out that on your wedding day, you’re going to rock suspenders and a plaid bowtie as opposed to the traditional black tux because you’re unique. Everything seems to be falling into place when you realize that you haven’t thought about one very important detail – how you’re going to thank your bridal party! And we’re talking more than just a handwritten thank you note (which of course, is a must). Whether big or small, this group of VIP’s have gotten you through the best and worst times in your life, right? They were the first people you called when he finally put a ring on it (and the one’s who helped you plan the perfect proposal). They were the people you spent hours on the phone with, discussing whether or not to invite your great aunt Myrtle who spits when she talks and kind of smells funny. And they are the proud few who will be standing next to you on your big day, smiling from ear to ear, feeling beyond blessed to consider themselves a part of your inner circle. Wouldn’t you agree they deserve the biggest thank you of all? We do, too. Here at Moore and Co, we are no stranger to helping couples figure out exactly how to say, “You are so appreciated and I couldn’t have done this without you!”. Let us help you figure out just how to say thanks and how to let the bridal party know that they truly are the best.

First, let’s start with the bridesmaids. Ladies, correct us if we’re wrong, but your bridesmaids are YOUR girls. Maybe you have a fun group name like the Fabulous Five or the Sassy Seven. They probably come from all walks of your life, from kindergarten to college, but they are the girls you’ve had the most heart-to-hearts with, the best shopping partners, and your soul sisters. They deserve something extra special on your big day to let them know they are loved and so appreciated! For starters, we love the idea of adorable monogrammed robes. Not only will the girls have a personalized robe to take home (hello, super cute lounge-wear for those lazy Sundays!), but your professional “getting ready” pictures will be TOO cute.


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Another must-have item in our opinion are tumblers donning the name of each of your girls (sensing a theme, here?). Take it from someone whose oddly-spelled name was never on any keychain or pencil, people love when they get something with their name on it. These adorable tumblers are a great keepsake and will allow your girls to get ready in style without the fear of spilling that bloody mary down the front of her dress. Fill the empty mugs with nail polish, lipgloss, and mini hand-sanitizer to make it extra fun!


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If you’re not as into the monogrammed gifts as we are (but who isn’t!?), what about an adorable kerchief with a funny little reminder that will be sure to keep your girls smiling through the tears as you deliver your heart-felt vows.


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If none of these gifts are up your alley, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting your girls each a pair of gorgeous earrings that will match her dress. Not only does it take something off their plate expense-wise, it will guarantee your girls look picture-perfect in their oh-so-gorgeous gowns.


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Now, now, we haven’t forgotten about the other half of the bridal party! The men, while twice as hard to shop for, are just as important to your big day! Grooms, your groomsmen are the dudes who you’ve grown up with. They’ve seen you at your best, when you scored that game-winning touch down or when you totally demolished that video game boss, and they’ve loved you at your worst (even though they’d never admit it). They’ve laughed with you and didn’t make you feel bad when you cried over losing your 7th grade crush. These are your guys! Show them how much they mean to you and your big day by giving them something that says exactly that.

In keeping with our oh-so-favorite monogrammed theme, we are swooning over these super rugged, yet stylish monogrammed diddy bags. Every guy knows, when it comes to storing your man-products (even though you swear you don’t own too much hair goo), it needs to be done in a low-key and functional way. These bags will have your groomsmen looking for a reason to buy more shaving cream and deodorant. The best part? The monogram ensures ladies in their lives don’t claim it as theirs!


Have a group of guys that love to smoke a stogie? We are in love with these custom cigar cutters. Not only are they inexpensive, they are something the guys can use all the time. They’ll think of you and remember your epic wedding day every time they decide to light up a cigar during poker night. Oh and did we mention? You can personalize them. Shameless monogram plug!


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And finally, if you happen to have a groomsmen (or 5) that simply get can’t enough of all things superhero, why not honor that awesome addiction to good and evil with these crazy cool cufflinks? You can hand select which groomsmen should get which superhero – have a guy that loves rock-climbing? Why not give him spiderman? Have a weigh-lifting guru in your bunch? He’s destined to don the Hulk cufflinks. Make it light-hearted and fun! These cufflinks are sure to entertain your guys from vows to cake cutting!


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At the end of the day, the fact that you’ve asked these select group of ladies and gents to be in your bridal party is a huge honor. They realize that and so do your guests. It’s always nice, however, to make them feel extra loved. A special something, whether big or small, is sure to make your best guys and gals realize just how thankful you are for each and every one of them!