Moore & Co started out as a dream – to bring couples’ weddings to life. Over the years, it has morphed and grown into so much more than just an event planning and styling company. With my amazing team and their talents, love and passion for all that they do, this company has transformed before my very eyes! My team and I not only love working with our clients, but we also love working together. We’re more than just coworkers – we’re friends. We’re family.


It is with so much excitement that I am writing this blog today, primarily because of the terrific news I’m barely holding in! And part of me is pumped because I finally get to post a blog (my girls are the crafty writers)!

Since I started this company, I have primarily been hustling and bustling (pun totally intended) in the K&B Bridals side of the business. In doing so, my talented team was left to lead Moore & Co. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of watching Courtney grow from an eager intern (who pulled together and ran her first wedding on a week’s notice) to our lead stylist, whose talent for designing and creating exquisite events, out of nothing more than a vision and a backyard, is unparalleled.

Courtney’s love for this company is trumped only by mine, and even so, only slightly. She has learned so much in her time here and has found a unique passion that is only discovered when working for your own business. It is because of this passion and desire to see Moore & Co continue to grow that her direction was a no-brainer when Courtney came to chat with me about her role in this company.
I am absolutely tickled to announce that Courtney is now joining me on this crazy journey and is becoming my business partner at Moore & Co! We are even more excited about the adventures ahead and all of the oh-so-in-love couples for which we will continue to design and plan!

Please share some x’s and o’s and join me in welcoming Courtney on board!!