Now that we’re more than halfway through 2020 (how did that happen?!), many couples are looking ahead to plan their 2021 weddings. Besides, there are so many couples that, unfortunately, had to postpone their wedding to 2021. Thankfully, The Knot has come out with their predictions for the top 2021 wedding trends!

In today’s blog, we’re going to go through some of our favorite trends from their list, as well as give our opinions on them. Enjoy!

The Top 2021 Wedding Trends, According to The Knot

As you can probably guess, a lot of the 2021 wedding trends revolve around more intimate weddings. COVID has changed how weddings are conducted in so many ways for the foreseeable future. People are looking for ways to keep their weddings intimate and safe, both for themselves and for their guests!

Welcome Boxes

One trend that will be super popular in 2021 is welcome boxes. Because many weddings are being downsized and are becoming more intimate, that is allowing couples the freedom to really put more thought into guest details.

This includes more activities for the guests throughout the entire weekend (or even week), more intricate favors, and even welcome boxes!

So what is a welcome box? It is a box that guests receive at the beginning of the wedding festivities that includes everything they may need, whether it be a schedule of the weekend’s events, hand sanitizer, a mask, and even their wedding favor. What you include in the welcome box is really up to you, and your wedding planner can really help you curate the box to reflect your style and personality!

Tents + Twinkly Lights

We definitely agree that tents and twinkly lights are going to be a HUGE 2021 wedding trend! More and more weddings are going to be outside, and what better way to decorate than with some twinkly fairy lights and a big tent to protect everyone from less-than-perfect weather?

Again, your wedding planner will be able to help you pull this off in the best way possible! Tents don’t have to be boring. They can be whimsical, fairy-tale like, and/or elegant. Check out the picture below of Courtney’s wedding to see for yourself!

Mini D’Oeuvres

We can see individual-sized appetizers becoming super popular for 2021 weddings. Passed appetizers and appetizer tables can be a sanitary concern during COVID, so this is a great alternative for cocktail hour. Doesn’t a personal charcuterie board sound amazing?!

Mismatched Tables

We can see mismatched tables going on the rise for 2021 weddings, too. Not only in terms of table shape, size, and decor… but also in terms of seating.

Many couples are attempting to seat people at tables together with other people that they live with. In order to fully accomplish this, you may have some tables seating four people and others with eight people. If you’re truly only seating people together with people that they live with, then mismatched tables are going to be inevitable.

Living Room Decor

Living room decor may become more popular for 2021 weddings, too! Guests will likely be seated for a longer time, so why not have them be comfortable? We’re talking couches, comfy chairs, and more. Here is an example below of a previous wedding that we did!

living room decor wedding

Photo by Love to the Core Photography

Virtual Communication

Communication styles surrounding 2021 weddings may be different! Virtual invites, wedding websites, and livestream weddings are going to become more and more popular, for obvious reasons.

Single-Tier and Mini Wedding Cakes

In recent years, dessert tables and non-cake desserts have become more popular. The Knot is predicting that single-tier and mini wedding cakes will be one of the popular 2021 wedding trends, and we definitely agree! The more desserts that there are, the less of a need there is for cake.

Weekday Weddings

Because so many couples are postponing their wedding to 2021, weekday weddings are going to be much more popular. As couples had to postpone to 2021, a lot of Saturday dates were already taken… and Friday and Sunday dates quickly filled up, too. For this reason, a lot of couples are moving their wedding to a weekday.

Besides, you can save a lot of money by having a weekday wedding!

Brunch Weddings

Brunch weddings have also seen a rise in recent years, and The Knot is predicting them to be even more popular in 2021. They are an excellent option for intimate weddings, and they are perfect for a Sunday wedding.

Outdoor Weekend Activities

Of course, outdoor weddings are going to be incredibly popular in 2021. Many people feel safer at outdoor events right now, and rightfully so. The Knot predicts that everything from the ceremony to cocktail hour to the reception are going to be held outdoors more often than before! Of course, weather will always be a factor… so keep that in mind when you’re planning an outdoor wedding!

Sentimental Tablescapes

The Knot is predicting that tabletops will become more intimate and sentimental at weddings in 2021. Seated weddings are going to be more popular than buffets, so couples are likely going to put more thought into how the table looks. This could even include a personalized thank-you card at each seat!

Pictured below is an example of one of our previous weddings that we think fits this perfectly! How cute are those mini jars of honey as favors?!

2021 wedding trends sentimental

Photo by Vicki Grafton Photography


Change the date cards and un-save the date cards have risen in popularity, and many couples are choosing to use them as a way to showcase humor. Same with their wedding websites! The Knot is predicting that this will continue to be a trend throughout 2021.


You’re probably thinking, “what the heck is a nanomoon?!” A nanomoon is where the couple explores their local region during their honeymoon, rather than traveling internationally or across the country. This could be a short trip to the beach or an extended roadtrip to the mountains. Regardless, many people don’t want to fly or travel right now, and that’s likely going to still hold true in 2021.


Finally, The Knot says that couples will be very spontaneous throughout 2021. We definitely think that’s true! And honestly, this is one positive thing that has happened to the wedding industry during COVID times. While we obviously love planning and all of the details that go into it, COVID has taught all of us some creative ways to go with the flow and be more spontaneous.

We loved going through The Knot’s 2021 wedding predictions and sharing our thoughts with you! What are your predictions for some 2021 wedding trends that The Knot hasn’t mentioned?!