We’re officially in the middle of the season where many couples are planning their 2021 weddings! Whether you’re trying to get an idea for your color scheme, or trying to re-plan your wedding colors for a new season after postponing to 2021 due to COVID, we’ve got you covered! Weddingwire released their predictions for the top 2021 wedding colors.

2021 Wedding Colors

Overall, Weddingwire is predicting that light and uplifting colors will be the major trend for 2021 wedding trends. Colors are becoming more muted to give that light and airy effect in photos!

Powder blue

2021 wedding colors powder blue

Photo by Alysia & Jayson

Powder blue is back in the game for 2021 weddings! Courtney used powder blue as one of her wedding colors back in 2018, as you can see from the picture above. We absolutely love that this is making a comeback for 2021!

Powder blue is incredibly versatile. It works in all seasons and all aesthetics. You can incorporate this color in a lot of different wedding elements, such as your bouquet or eyeshadow!

Lilac and lavender

2021 wedding colors lilac lavender

Photo by Luke and Cat Photography

Purple is expected to be a super trendy 2021 wedding color. These lighter purple colors and whimsical and perfect for those light and airy photos. These are perfect for spring and garden weddings!

Papaya orange

2021 wedding colors papaya orange

Photo by Love to the Core Photography

Papaya orange is expected to be incredibly popular for 2021 weddings! Hear us out. Orange tones have become increasingly popular in recent years as more bohemian elements became popular, especially burnt and rusty shades.

So where does the pastel version of orange, papaya, come into play? Papaya orange is perfect for beach weddings and summer weddings. You can pair it with other vibrant shades to really make a big statement on your wedding day!

’90s-inspired wedding colors

90s color palette

Photo by Hédi Benyounes on Unsplash

The 90s are back and better than ever. ’90s wedding colors include fuchsia, cherry red, teal, cerulean, and purple.

Talk about a huge statement! A lot of couples whose wedding is in 2021 may be ’90s babies, so this would be the perfect touch of nostalgia for them. Plus, you can incorporate these colors into so many different elements for your wedding day!

Matcha green

2021 wedding colors matcha green

Photo by Sarah Gualtieri on Unsplash

Are you obsessed with having a matcha chai latte every morning? Why not incorporate the color into your wedding?!

Colors such as matcha green, pistachio, and olive give off the perfect 70s/retro vibe.

Earthy neutrals

2021 wedding colors earthy neutrals

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

Neturals have become increasingly popular in recent years and they are expected to be huge for 2021! This includes gray, taupe, cream, and ivory. However, this trend doesn’t end with bridesmaid dresses… Weddingwire is expecting these to be popular 2021 wedding colors for floral arrangements! Pampas grass, dried flowers, and bleached greenery are the perfect elements to achieve this palette for your florals.

Tuscany yellow

tuscany yellow

Photo by Nick Baker on Unsplash

Finally, the boldest color that Weddingwire is predicting to be a popular 2021 wedding color is tuscany yellow. If you’re looking for a wedding color that will pop and be unique, then this might be the color for you! This color will give your wedding a sun-kissed feeling.

The best way to figure out your wedding colors and figure out the best way to incorporate them into your big day is to consult with your wedding planner! If you don’t have a wedding planner yet, please feel free to contact us so that we can help you out!