Back in February, Etsy came out with a blog post titled 7 Wedding Trends to Fall for in 2020. Back when that was written, none of us predicted that the country would be shut down due to COVID-19. Or that so many weddings would be forced to be postponed. Because of that, we’re thinking that these 2020 wedding trends will stick around for longer than they typically would have. Probably well into 2021! So, we decided that now would be the perfect time to discuss our thoughts on each trend.

The Top 2020 Wedding Trends, According to Etsy

Although we, unfortunately, haven’t gotten to execute many of our weddings this year, we’ve been planning plenty of them! We’ve been seeing how couples are planning to incorporate these 2020 wedding trends that Etsy came up with, and we have so many ideas on how other couples could incorporate them into their wedding.

1. Groovy gatherings

The first wedding trend that Etsy has for this year is 70’s-inspired. Think records, disco balls, and colorful florals. So how can you incorporate these trends into your own wedding?

You can first choose a boho wedding gown. There are plenty of options to choose from at our sister brand, K&B Bridals — a wedding shop located in downtown Bel Air, MD! They carry Lillian West and All Who Wander — the perfect brands for a boho-y, 70’s wedding.

We also recommend colorful, fun florals. This could be in your headpiece, on your invitations, throughout the reception, on the groom’s tie… the possibilities are endless! The key is to get the color theme down — we recommend tones of red, yellow, and green for a true 70’s vibe.

2. Non-traditional wedding parties

The next trend from Etsy is to have non-traditional wedding parties. We’ve seen that these are becoming more and more popular… is there even such a thing as a “traditional” wedding party anymore?

Many people choose to incorporate dogs into their wedding — as a ring bearer, best man, flower girl… we’ve seen it all!

Also, many couples are choosing to forego the traditional gender roles that tend to go along with wedding parties. Nowadays, many brides have men on their side, and many grooms have women on their side. These have created terms such as “man of honor,” “best woman,” “groomswoman,” and “bridesman.” We’re all for it, and truly believe in choosing the people that are closest to you in your life!

3. Power suits

Another one of the 2020 wedding trends that Etsy has come up with is power suits for women! We think these are great for various wedding parties that you have — your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, engagement party… and the list goes on. You could even wear one in place of your wedding dress, or at least change into one for the reception!

A white power suit is super sleek and certainly a bold power move!

4. Vintage rings

Next, we have vintage rings as a wedding trend for 2020. Vintage engagement rings and wedding bands are certainly on the rise. Many brides and grooms love the fact that a well-loved ring symbolizes their lifelong commitment to each other… and many brides simply love the way that they look! They are certainly unique and won’t look like many other rings that are on the market today.

5. Wellness favors

Another popular trend for 2020 weddings is wellness favors. This includes soaps, bath salts, candles, and more. These are a great way to show your guests some TLC after a night of dancing and fun!

Going along with this, we also recommend small bottles of hand sanitizer as a gift. This is something that is well sought-after these days due to COVID, and it will really show guests that you care about their health and well-being!

6. Sustainable styles

Eco-conscious couples will love this trend… sustainable styles! This could include vintage pieces, like a veil or recycled items, such as handcuff links or wedding bands. All of these things will not only make you look good… they’ll help you feel good, too! What could be better than that?

7. Coordinated couples’ coats

Finally, Etsy’s last tip for 2020 wedding trends are coordinated couples’ coats. What does this mean exactly?

Matching jackets are the wedding trend for 2020, according to Etsy! This could be leather jackets or jean jackets. They are typically embroidered with cute couple sayings… such as your new name with “Mr & Mrs,” “The One,” “Just Married” with your wedding date, or “Hubby” and “Wifey.” The choice is yours, and couples love the customization options!

These jackets look great propped on the back of your chairs of your sweetheart or head table during the wedding. Afterward, they are a timeless piece that you can wear again and again… or get them framed to hang on your wall!

What to Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that just because something is a trend for the year, doesn’t mean that you have to incorporate them into your wedding. A trend is just that… a trend. They will inevitably go out of style, and if you’re someone who likes to stick with the classics… go for it! We think that incorporating at least one trend adds a fun touch to any wedding, though.

If you’d like more advice on how to incorporate these wedding trends into your special day, please feel free to reach out to us! We would love to help, and it’s a lot easier to help couples incorporate these trends when we know more about you and your specific vision. Happy planning!