The holiday season is finally here! After all of the hustle and bustle, it’s time to slow down and enjoy precious time with family and friends. If you plan to host a holiday gathering this year, I’m sure you’ve thought about how you would like to style your table – or maybe you’re just wondering where to start! 

We’re here to give you our favorite tips, tricks, and trends so you can have the wow-factor tablescape (without breaking the bank.) 

Layers and Texture 

It is so, so important to add layers and texture to your tablescape! This is what will create dimension and give it that “full” look. Chargers and placemats are the easiest way to add dimension to each place setting. All you have to do is layer a plate and a beautifully folded napkin on top and you’re done! If you don’t want to use a charger, ​​A fabric place mat or table cloth under a round or textured place mat is a simple way to add some style to your table. Add in some simple plants or greenery in the center and you’re done! 


Who doesn’t love greenery, especially during the holidays! Here is the easiest way to save money while creating a beautiful and high-end looking table: head outside. That’s right – go outside (or to your christmas tree if you have a real one) and pick pieces to use for your table. You’d be amazing with how much you can find! If you want to add a little extra glitz – you can actually spray paint the branches silver or gold.

Candles & Lighting

Candles are a beautiful and easy space filler to create ambiance. The low flickering light warms up the space and creates a beautiful glow. Pro tip: be careful putting any fragrance candles on the table as they can become overpowering – let the food smells speak for themselves! 

When in Doubt, Keep it Simple

We know tablescapes can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to hosting. The best thing you can do is keep it simple and have fun with it! Stick to the basic rules, then throw in some of your own style. You’ll be a tablescape pro in no time!