Yesterday, we announced (with some serious enthusiasm…sorry not sorry) that we’ve been asked to design the Honeybook Launch Party taking place at the end of this month in Washington D.C.! Most of the responses we received were positive, but a few people were left wondering, ‘What is this magical platform and how do you use it?!” Have no fear, fellow friendors! We’re here to give you the inside scoop on this incredible program and how you can use it for your business! Mind you, we’re not the experts, but we can’t help but gush about this seriously stellar system.

We really can’t put it any better than the pros, so here’s Honeybook’s mission statement:

We’re on a mission to connect the different parts of the events industry by reimagining the way creative professionals work with their colleagues and clients. Whether you’re an event planner in charge of a 300-guest wedding, a photographer leading a high-profile fashion shoot, or host of your company’s holiday party, HoneyBook organizes your jobs seamlessly, so you can focus on what you do best: creating unforgettable moments.

Wicked cool, right?! Not only does Honeybook allow creatives to manage things more easily, it keeps contracts, contact information, payments, design ideas, etc. all in one place for the vendor and client, making the entire process so much smoother.

honeybookFrom inquires, to follow ups, to consultation meetings, the Pipeline tool lets you keep track of all of your clients. Say sayonara to Excel, Google Spreadsheets, and Pages (except, not for good…those are really useful programs!) and keep track of every interaction in one place!

Oh and we can’t forget the Personalized Proposals! Instead of mailing a proposal to a client, Honeybook allows us to send them a personalized proposal via the good ole internet! The client can ask questions about the proposal, sign contracts, and even make payments! The platform sends clients reminders when payments are due and keeps everything in one tidy package. The Events tab shows us all of our active clients, the status of their proposal, contract, and eventually, design and planning process. Seriously – it’s more than we could ever ask for.

honeybookWe may not be math geniuses, but we don’t have to be with Honeybook. Based on all of the data we input throughout the year, Honeybook generates analytics for us that show us exactly how many leads we’re bringing in and how many bookings we’re dishing out. It’s a great way to keep track of our successes and see where improvement is needed!

Oh and last, but certainly not least, Honeybook has this great thing called Collectives. Honeybook puts it so perfectly:

Collaborate with like minded friendors to effortlessly reach and book your ideal client.

Uh, yes please! We love this tool and we use it all the time, especially inside the Be More Inspired Wedding Studio. If one of us gets a lead for a bride looking for different vendors, her information is put into this Collectives system so each of us can reach out to her separately, depending on her interests. It’s so easy and makes collaborating with other creatives such a breeze! Ah, we truly cannot say enough good things about this platform. Can you tell now why we are so excited to be a part of this launch party?!