In today’s blog, we are introducing you to Bridget, who founded Moore & Co. and is now partners with Courtney!

Bridget Growing Up

I grew up in Harford County and always thought I would leave since it was such a small town when I was younger. Funny enough, I just recently built our forever home on the far side of my family’s property, which I have come to love in so many ways as an adult.

My dad took over his father’s construction company when I was a child, so I watched my dad put endless hours into his business growing up. My mom and her mom were both teachers. I always thought I would be a teacher. I love people and connecting with them.

My senior year of high school, my mom was transitioning from teaching into becoming a principal. Two of my teachers were both retiring and all of them were super bitter. So, I made a quick career path change. At the time, I was working for a small business owner who owned a party store and I loved it! So, I decided I was going to go to school for business and wanted to become a wedding planner.

Post-College & Finding Passion

I got freaked out my freshman year about ruining the biggest day of someone’s life, should something go wrong at a wedding, and quickly doubted myself on being a planner. I ended up taking a job in the financial world out of college, always looking at it as a stepping stone to starting my business someday.

Three years after graduating, I lost my dad suddenly. It was one of those life moments that makes you stop and evaluate. What was I doing and why? Life is short.

I started talking to one of my financial clients who was a successful businessman and asked if he would mentor me. He had me do some personality tests to help me find the right business. But nothing was “sparking joy,” so to say.

I reached out to a bunch of friends. They know you best, right? They ALL (without knowing I was talking to each of them) said to me, what happened to becoming a wedding planner?!

So, I went back to my mentor and we started leaning in on this. I tried an internship, only to find out there was no actual internship program and so I basically made the call to go out on my own and do it. My mentor suggested this whole all-inclusive concept with a bridal shop and planning all in one. And the idea was born.


I had no idea 10+ years ago that I would be here today. Our vision of a small boutique with our event planning services has grown to so much more! The two companies (K&B Bridals and Moore & Co. Event Stylists) each bring out unique passions for me. Ultimately, I have found a love of being an entrepreneur and getting to work with all of our amazing customers to learn their stories and be a part of their journey.

Simultaneously getting to build job opportunities for incredible women who get to come in and pursue their passions. It’s a double win! We are always working to be and offer our very best service to our customers. Our team works to hear their needs and provide the best service to meet those needs. We work to provide an incredible place to work. We are all family here and get to spend our days being part of people’s love stories! It’s incredible!

Bridget: Future

My husband Chris and I recently became parents and I am so excited to learn and experience motherhood. I love getting to watch our son grow and learn new things. AND with Courtney about to have a baby, we will get to watch our little guys grow up together!! It’s so exciting!!

And we’re so excited for some exciting new things coming to Moore & Co. and K&B. 2020 has been a lot of things… but best of all, it’s letting us look at our passions again. Tough times challenge us, but they also grow us. It’s time for Moore & Co. and K&B to grow. We’re excited to lean in on our passions and make some exciting announcements soon!