Once you have your dress, your hair and makeup are so important to pull your full bridal look together. Even if you are looking for a timeless beauty look, it can still be fun to look at what the current trends are. This year, brides are all about the more natural look and our friends at NVS Bridal have all the styles for your trendy or classic bridal look.

Wedding Makeup and Hair Trends for 2023

Here are some of the most popular makeup and hair trends among brides for this year!

Natural Makeup

Natural makeup is a huge trend right now, and that is no different for brides! Although brides aren’t exactly doing the “no makeup” makeup look, they are definitely leaning towards the more natural look versus full-out glam makeup look that brides were doing in the past.

This typically involves a foundation that still shows your skin’s texture, soft blush and contouring, individual lashes, matte + neutral eyeshadows, and a light pink/nude lip!

Half-Up Hairstyle

The half-up, half-down hairstyle has been extremely popular for brides in the last few years! This year, we have been seeing the look with more braids and/or extra volume.

This is incredibly popular for boho brides!

Glam Eye Looks

A softer look on the face combined with a dramatic eye is a popular trend among brides right now. It’s a great way to add some dramatic glam to your makeup without going all-out on the rest of your makeup!


About 5-10 years ago, every bride was asking for no blush. They wanted a fully matte, contoured look. But now, blush is back and better than ever! Brides tend to go for the softer pink shades.

And this is not just limited to the cheeks! You can apply some blush to the temples or nose, too.

Bridal Pony

Many brides are choosing to do a ponytail or braid for their hair – we think that this trend is here to stay!

Some brides even choose to add accessories through their pony or braid, like pearls or flowers.

Sleek Hair

It is no secret that the sleek “clean girl” hair has been all the rage. This has made its way into the bridal world as brides are ding the sleek, slicked back hair on their wedding day. Dress it up with simple and elegant hair accessories!

Dewy Face

This trend can be a tricky one. A lot of brides are wanting a dewy look rather than a matte one. However, this can totally depend on your skin type and the climate of your wedding. If you are getting married somewhere hot and humid, it may be tricky for your makeup to be dewy without looking overly shiny and oily! This is something that you’ll definitely want to chat with your makeup artist beforehand to make sure that it can be achieved.

Natural Lashes

Finally, many brides are ditching the dramatic lashes and choosing more natural ones. This might mean individual lash clusters, lash extensions, or just some mascara on your natural lashes!


Do these trends stand out to you? Or maybe these inspired you to do something totally different! Regardless, we know you’ll be in good hands with NVS Bridal. Reach out to them today at nvsbridal@gmail.com for more details and to book your dream wedding beauty. look!