Between the four of us at Moore and Co Events, we have 20+ years of relationship experience with our significant others (ever wonder why we so enjoy the business of love?) and while we don’t claim to be experts, we do find ourselves giving relationship advice to our couples from time to time. Not to mention, we’ve seen our fair share of happy engagements that turn into happy weddings and even happier marriages, so we feel like our arsenal of relationship advice is on the up and up. That being said, take these little nuggets of advice as you wish – for your marriage is completely unique to you and your special someone (hint: that’s our marriage advice numero uno).

Don’t forget to laugh with each other…and at each other.

Such a beautiful part of finding your significant other is finding someone with whom you can laugh. Whether it is spending the evening watching your favorite sitcom or hitting the comedy club on date night, laughing together is such a bonding experience. It signifies that you’re two halves to the same whole and find joy in the same things. Another piece to that is to not take life so seriously! There are so many horrible things going on in the world; allow yourself to laugh at each other from time to time – it’s only healthy! Playfully joke with one another or make light of each other’s shortcomings. After all…

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Put one another first.

In the early stages of the relationship, it’s completely normal (and expected) to put your friends or family before your honey. Now, we’re not suggesting you stop making your friends and family a priority as the relationship progresses, but we believe marriage embodies the coming together of two people and in doing so, you put one another first, before others. In a marriage, you’re a team – it’s best to start acting like one!

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Spend time together…and apart.

love quoteA huge benefit to marriage is having a built in best friend who enjoys your company, loves hanging out with you, and would likely choose to spend time with you over doing something else. That’s super cool, right?! Take advantage of this companionship and hang out with one another! Whether it’s a weekly date night to your favorite diner or a hike in the mountains every Saturday morning, find time to let go of the real world and just be together.

In the same breath, be sure to give each other some space. Just because you’re married and living together doesn’t mean you have to be together 24/7 (although we totally understand the appeal!) Schedule nights with your girlfriends or plan a boys’ trip; enjoy a solo movie or a walk in the park. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder…maybe there’s something to that.

Get excited about one another’s excitements.

shoes quoteThe beauty of marriage is finding someone you can’t live without, someone who is the half that makes you whole. Part of this is knowing that you both share similar interests, but that you also enjoy things the other does not. Whether it’s his love of video games or her obsession with shoes, while you may not feel the least bit interested, show excitement. If he gets the top score on a game he’s been working on for weeks, forget about the fact that video games are a bore and throw your arms around him. Show him you’re proud and excited for his excitement! Similarly, if she comes home with the best pair of shoes that she just had to have because they were ON SALE!, you may want to roll your eyes. Instead, join in her excitement (and her kitchen dance of joy)!

Love each other, gosh darn it.

Sounds simple, right? It is, but it seems that some marriages don’t work out because the couple forgets why they fell in love in the first place. If you find yourself headed down that path, take some time to disconnect. Disconnect from reality, from technology, from the world around you; spend that time instead with your hubby or wife. Allow yourself to be reminded why you fell in love with his smile, why her snorting laughter is so endearing, and why you two started dating in the first place. Often, couples see each other for such a short time in the evening, in between work, dinner, the kid’s soccer practice, feeding the dogs, etc. Slow down and take time for each other – we promise it’ll be worth it!

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