Is it just me, or has it been the rainiest spring? We have honestly executed more rainy wedding day plans (“Plan B” as we call them), in these last few weeks than we have in my entire wedding planning career. It’s crazy!

If there’s anything we have learned over the years, it’s that you need to be prepared for a rainy wedding day. I like to think by being prepared, it won’t happen. Honestly, even if it does rain, you know everything will be okay.


Change Your Prep!

During wedding season, when you have a rainy wedding day, the humidity will come, too. If you’re from the east coast, you know what humidity can do to a girl! We recommend you stay away from liquid makeup and opt for an up-do instead of hair down (opt for the powder instead, or airbrush, which is sweat, water, and tear proof), waterproof mascara and a bridal party sweat survival kit (face blotter, deodorant, mini fan)!

Cover the People and Your Goodies!

Even if your venue is all inside, you, your bridal party, your guests and your vendors all have to walk through the raindrops to enter the site. Think of ways to keep them covered. Order some extra umbrellas and ask the ushers to walk the ladies in from their cars. As vendors, we have to be prepared with tarps or blankets to cover any of the goodies we are bringing in. For example, a beautifully handwritten escort board can’t get smudged by droplets!

Make It a Tent Wedding!

Turn your outdoor wedding into a tented wedding. Many beautiful tent options (clear top, draping, tent liner, sail cloth, etc.) can act as a blank, yet beautiful, slate. If the rainy weather is on and off, you can pull back the sides to expose more of the outdoor elements. Plan this into your initial budget so you are not scrambling at the last minute to get quotes from rental companies and they can have any extra tents on standby. (Special note: Get the tents up a few days before the rain starts to protect the ground from getting soft and muddy!) You can also rent heaters to keep the tent warm on an unexpectedly cool day!

Use Props!

A clear umbrella is a popular rainy wedding prop. Place clear umbrellas in a basket for guests as they come in. They are also amazing for pictures! We recommend having enough clear umbrellas for your bridal party for the photos! Add a pair of cute rain boots to your packing list and have fun with it. Heck, I would even jump in a puddle to get “the shot.” It can create some fun and playful shots for your and your new husband/wife.

Adjust for the Temps!

If it’s colder than expected, bring the warmth outside. Create a cozy atmosphere by bringing in a fire-pit, cozy blankets, hot chocolate or tea, etc. Vice versa; if it’s hotter than expected, pass out fruit infused water instead of alcohol at the ceremony! Mango and watermelon can help reduce body temperature and will look decorative all at the same time.

Create Some Play-On Ideas!

Use the weather to your advantage with humor: update your signature drink from a mojito to a “dark-and-stormy” and add some songs about rain to your DJ’s lineup!

Dance in the Rain!

At the end of the night, when all is said and done, go outside and dance it out. You have married the person of your dreams who you will be spending the rest of your life with; kick up your heels (or rain-boots) and don’t let anything stop you from celebrating that fact!


Remember that a rainy wedding day is good luck!


rainy wedding day