The ceremony has come and gone (and was a tear-jerker), the photo ops were to die for, and the maid of honor insisted on paying the DJ to stay just one more hour during the reception to keep the party going – basically, your wedding day was perfect. So what’s next? For some couples, it’s the honeymoon (or a mini-moon!). Whether you’re flying out the morning after your wedding or are waiting a few weeks, we’ve got a few tips that will help you stay blissful (and not stressed!) as you prep and pack for your first trip as a married couple!

Take your camera.

This day and age, most couples use their phones for pictures, but we are totally taken with the old school (okay, maybe not THAT old school) – digital cameras! While phones are great (and take some totally rockin’ pictures), there’s something to be said about taking a real camera on your honeymoon. Number one, you’re in for some epic shots. Number two, you’ve always got back up storage space (now that phones are so popular, SD cards are super cheap!). Before you venture on your European escape or your Caribbean getaway, we recommend charging your camera battery (and the back up battery!). Pick up a few extra SD cards because the last thing you want is to have to delete pictures because you ran out of space. Also, invest in a chic, sturdy camera strap that is guaranteed to get you through that rock climbing excursion you have planned! We love this one from Etsy!


You can get this camera strap here.

If you insist on using your phone (or just want to take a few shots for friends and family back home), make sure to create a honeymoon hashtag so your followers can keep tabs!

Buy new suitcases.

Is there really a better reason to invest in new suitcases than your honeymoon? We don’t think so. If you’re like us, you’ll love being super cheesy and getting matching suitcases with your hubby. Hey, it makes them easier to spot, RIGHT?! And why not make them that much more noticeable with these a-freaking-dorable Mr. and Mrs. Luggage tags from Michael’s?!


You can get these luggage tags here and BONUS, they’re on sale!!!

 Consider it your first BIG purchase as a married couple. It will make packing for the honeymoon that much more fun! Make sure to spend the extra cash to ensure you’re getting good luggage. The last thing you want is your shoe bag losing a wheel as you’re running through the airport to catch your connecting flight.

Tell everyone you’re on your honeymoon.

Trust us, this advice comes from our very own in-house travel agent. While it may seem a bit pretentious, there are ways to slip it in nonchalantly. While we can’t guarantee all hotels or cruise ships will give you a free upgrade or dinner on the house, most companies like to surprise their newlyweds with something sweet. FREE dessert or rose petals on the bed are always a sweet plus! And even if nothing comes of it, are you really tired of hearing “To the newly married couple!”? We didn’t think so.